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    Re: MNF - Jets Falcons

    Good teams find a way to win with injuries, let's see what the falcons come up with. Hell, last year the Ravens defense was hurt, still did well. Flacco was still trying out receivers and TEs, he did enough to win. One player doesn't break a team, the great matty choke will have to show the fans what he is made of. Sad to see any player hurt and miss the season, but it happens all the time. Next man up is the Ravens motto. Good coaches make it happen. It is ironic that the winningest team last year who lost no one during the off season has started so poorly.

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    Re: MNF - Jets Falcons

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenswintitle View Post
    Damn. They put all their eggs in the 2 WR basket and it showed last night. Now one egg is cracked and the Saints look unstoppable. This is why you don't make trades like that. They gave a 1st, 2nd and two 4ths.

    Mike Smith on the hot seat?
    imho he's safe for now. they win and they play great offense, and managements are usually pretty supportive of such teams (look how long Norv lasted). I do agree he's going to have to make some playoff noise to stay much longer.
    ah, 2008. Mike Smith was a genius, Matty Ryan was the next Peyton, and Harbaugh and Flacco weren't on anyone's radar (till January!)
    "Nothing stops these Baltimore Ravens. Beat them, injure them, shove them to the bottom of the standings, drag them into a hostile environment and mount a big lead, and they just keep trudging forward like nothing fazes them." (Bleacher Report)


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