Looks like I'm running into a script error on the front page, as near as I can tell it is the video
A YouTube App and Google+ seems to be the culprit

To watch YouTube videos with others in a video call simply open the YouTube app. Everyone in the video call will also have to add the app.
is one possibility but it is probably an Adobe Flash

and the error message that appears with every page I navagate to, it comes from Adobe Flash Player, when error appears I get 2 buttons, 1- Dismiss All (which lets me read the page) and 2- Continue which changes the video from black to picture and re-starts the error cycle.
TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
at com.google.youtube.application::WatchPageVideoApplication/updateVisibilityRectsInternal()
at com.google.youtube.application::VideoApplication/updateVisibilityRects()
at com.google.youtube.application::VideoApplication/resizeApplication()
at com.google.youtube.application::VideoApplication/onResize()
at com.google.youtube.application::WatchPageVideoApplication/onResize()
Probably nothing you can do or may even want to do about it. 3rd party internet tracking has become pretty much a way of life, and I am using a version of Flash that the "update from" wasn't a security issue but a tracking ($$revenue$$) addition.
Just posting a FYI since it started very recently.