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    Why I hate fantasy football

    Some idiot starts Dallas Clark against me. He scores 15 points despite having one of the worst games I've seen from a tight end.:grbac:

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    Re: Why I hate fantasy football

    I stepped away from FF for 3-4 years b/c of stuff like this lol.
    Now that I can watch any match-up with my "GM" or "analyst" hat on, FF is much enjoyable.
    Joined four leagues this year, three are start-up dynasties with contracts, a cap, full RFA/UFA, roster cut downs, practice squads, etc. Fun times!
    "The Ravens are not taking Jimmy Smith at 26!" -- Me, the day before the 2011 Draft

    "On their way to the podium, the Ravens FO is going to collectively step over my dead body and select...Breshad Perriman." -- Me, the day before the 2015 Draft

    BP '17 (post Maclin rev): 65 of 115 for 1050 and 8


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    Re: Why I hate fantasy football

    Fantasy football is a lot more fantasy than football.

    I play in 1 league each year but I completely keep the fantasy game separate from the real game. Last night I had 2 Denver players start and wanted each of them to fail no matter what that meant to my fantasy game.


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