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Thread: Trade Eval

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    Trade Eval

    I'm currently 3-1 and tie for 1st in my league. We have a 14-team league. I was presented a trade of Atlanta D for K Nate Keading. I recently picked up K Robbie Gould from Chicago and I currently have the Panthers D. They have really sucked this year and I will need another D to get me thru a bye week for Carolina.

    Gould has been really good so Keading is expendable. The Atlanta D has been better then Carolina. I will need a K replacement in week 9 when Chicago is on bye.

    Trade...good or bad?
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    Re: Trade Eval

    I don't think that's too bad a move to make, Gould has been great and like you said, you'd only use Keading in a bye and ATL will be your starter.

    I primarily do about any trade that loses me a backup and gains me a starter.
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    Re: Trade Eval

    Any chance you get to deal a kicker for a decent player at another position, you should probably take it. There are very few leagues that start more than one kicker, and you can get by with an average kicker. Atlanta's defense is probably starter-worthy, especially because their ground game will often keep opponents off the field. Do the deal.


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