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    Re: Ravens Vs. Eagles Gamethread!

    Well, other than the ridiculous clock management at the end of the 1st half, and the porous play of our O-line in the 2nd half, I thought this was a very enjoyable game.

    It was great to see a few guys really step up, including DVD, Musa, Boller, and even Dwan Edwards!

    I tell ya guys, we are DEEP DEEP DEEP on the defensive line and linebacker! Man, the Iggles couldn't do a damn thing against us after they went up 10-0.

    I'm very encouraged in what I saw tonight. I'll be looking forward to the Vikings game next Friday night!

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    Re: Ravens Vs. Eagles Gamethread!

    I was a little disappointed by our defensive performence, but over all it was a good game for the Ravens as a team.

    -MU SA!, MU SA!, MU SA!
    -Mac QB rating of 100.9. When is the last time we can claim that sort of efficiency at QB?
    -Ogden needs to get back on the field asap.
    -Nice play by 52....but where was he during the rest of the first half?
    -Flynn nearly tripping his QB (whoever that is) is absolutely unacceptable. Kyle now gets a pass on last weeks stumbling and bumbling.
    -Speaking of Kyle...WOW.
    -DVD stepping up is good to see, but I want to see it two weeks in a row before I start singing his praises.
    -Our secondary still looks very vulnerable.
    -Penalties and lack of disipline reminiscent of last year. Billick needs to get this under control NOW.
    -OOF! 2 minute drill was terrible! WTF are they doing running the ball on 3rd down with 16 seconds left? Disgusting.


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