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    Hello and thanks.

    Been a forum viewer for awhile, and finnaly decided to just make an account and be active. I find alot of what this site reports as great info seperate from the Ravens main site. Great articles, and definately a good atmosphere that's better than the NFL site for blogging or comments.

    I am a member of a couple sites and it will take some getting used to, to navigate through how the forum works. Look foward to getting connected and discuss.


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    Re: Hello and thanks.

    Welcome Magnum!

    The main "stuff" takes place in the Ravens 24x7 forum so feel free to dive right in!

    Enjoy your time here!

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    Re: Hello and thanks.

    Thanks! I appriciate it. I've had a buddy of mine always talking in my ear about making an account but, I've always just lurked. Now I have to find more time in the mornings.

    I'll definately do that. You guys run a tight ship here, and it shows.

    I also found it pretty amusing that you guys have a board called "The Smackatorium" One of the sites I'm a member of has a simmilar board, and it can get quite funny at times. At least I know where to go to get my fill of laughs.

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    Re: Hello and thanks.

    I have to ask a quick question.

    I know I have mentioned that I am used to other sites, and when I am at those sites I use a colored font. Out of habit, I typed the code in and wrote my post but, quickly changed it when I realized my font was in color here and looked really out of place.

    I've noticed that noone else in the communtiy does that, and wondered if it is ok to do. The color code does work on this site but, I will not use it if it's not within conformity. I do know some people can get carried away with it from past experiances. It's no big deal if I can't. I just wanted to know if it is because, it really is a habit to not put it in my posts here.


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