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    Re: Draft blunders in recent years

    Jimmy made the play of his life at the end of the SB.

    SF is still whining about him.

    The potential has always been there. He just keeps getting injured his first two years after
    playing every game in the last couple years after his early suspension. He's been clean
    in the pros but came back at the end of last year and did well and in the playoffs. Same
    as this year doing well in the playoffs after being out.

    His open field tackle in Denver vs Holliday won the game. It pinned them up vs the
    goal line and led to the Corey Graham interception. He's good on special teams.

    Too early to call him a bust. If he never makes another play the one he made in SB
    was well worth the pick.

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    Re: Draft blunders in recent years

    Quote Originally Posted by RavenScallywag View Post
    draft blunder is a subjective thing. Basically, seems to be any decision that is either poor value for the pick level, or terrible production.
    A draft blunder (and yes, this is subjective) is when you do something that everyone at the time is pretty much in agreement that you were foolish to do. Examples: reaching for a player that you could have gotten later (Ted Ginn), or over-valuing a player and giving up too much to get him (Herschel Walker, Ricky Williams.) It is different from poor production (i.e. a bust) because you can't make a decision based on facts you don't have yet -- namely, how productive a player will be in the NFL. Teams often make very good, sound, universally lauded decisions that turn out poorly.

    Both Boller and Brady were drafted where they were valued by most teams. Boller was going to be gone in the first round by someone, whereas even the Pats had no idea how good Brady was, or they wouldn't have passed on him five times. Those only look like blunders in hindsight. Brandon Weeden is a blunder because everybody outside of Cleveland knew it at the time that he would be serviceable at best, and was already old by NFL QB standards.
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    Re: Draft blunders in recent years

    Don't forget the Ravens blunders. Look at all these 2d and 3rd round busts.

    Kyle Boller - 1st round set us back 5 years
    TT - 1st round
    Mark Clayton - 1st round
    Paul Kruger - 2d at least for 4 years and then he bolts after 1 decent season
    Dan Cody - 2d round
    Anthony Weaver - 2d round
    Sergio Kindle - 2d round in trade for Tebow to Denver
    Terrance Cody - 2d round - Brandon Williams is pushing him into oblivion
    Adam Terry - 2d round
    Swan Edwards - 2d round after we gave NE first round for Boller and they got
    Patrick Johnson - 2d round leaving HIney Ward on the board
    Gary Baxter - 2d round DB from Baylor
    DeRon Jenkins - 2d round DB from Tenn
    Chris Redman - 3rd round QB from Kentucky
    Jay Graham - 3rd round RB from TEnn (had one good game)
    Devard Darling - 3rd round WR
    Yamon Figurs - 3rd round WR
    Tevares Gooden - 3rd round LB
    Antwan Barnes - 4th round LB
    Dem Wills - 4th round WR
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