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    Question about the Miami road trip

    I have a question for those of you that have been to Sun Life Stadium. I'm looking at the tickets online and I'm trying to figure out if the visitor sideline is the side where sections 140-145 are or the opposite side where sections 111-117 are. I would assume that the Dolphins sideline is the lower number sections but I just wanted to make sure. Can anyone verify this for me before I buy tickets?

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    Re: Question about the Miami road trip

    Nevermind. Found this on ticketmaster.


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    Re: Question about the Miami road trip

    Anyone else planning on going to this game?

    I'm excited as it will be my first ever Ravens game.

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    FYI - there is a strong Ravens contingent is the Miami area called the Florida Flock. I believe they throw tailgates and are planning something special for this game. Check them out at

    You might be able to meet up a ton of raven fans in the lot. been to my share of away games, and its always better with your own kind : )

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    While I am on the topic of ravens nation. I run a Boston ravens group called Ravens Nation North. We take over a local bar and get pretty wild. Be sure to check us out if you find yourself in Boston and in need of purple brethren.


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