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    I dare you to say the Ravens will not make the playoffs.

    That was pretty much the main thing I heard from Oz yesterday and I LOVE it.

    Plenty of doubters were out there even after the second ring. I think it is annoying and I think it is very refreshing to hear a shot back at the critics occasionally.


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    Re: I dare you to say the Ravens will not make the playoffs.

    As Super Bowl champs, everyone is going to be gunning for us.

    A huge advantage we had was that there was relatively little tape of our Caldwell-led offense going into the playoffs. Now there's film. No one's going to be surprised by Bernard Pierce. Rahim Moore won't happen again. We don't know for certain what the OLine will look like. Tyrod Taylor and Caleb Hanie are our back ups.

    I think we'll make the playoffs, but I don't want to get cocky.

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    Re: I dare you to say the Ravens will not make the playoffs.

    There are still roster spots to fill including left tackle and winning in the playoffs is an entirely different challenge than just getting there, but I love confidence and have it in Oz and company.

    As far as the O goes, I expect a jump forward with Caldwell able to install his offense and teach it instead of just taking over Cam's mid season while it was struggaling. There is no film out there of what this O will look like next year yet, but I expect a lot of defenders will in fact be very suprised, shook up and run over by Bernard Peirce. He was a rookie with leg injuries last year sort of like a young Ray Rice but he is built more like Foster or Peterson.


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    Re: I dare you to say the Ravens will not make the playoffs.

    I just watched that part of the press conference and it just speaks volume on how driven Ozzie is. He really doesn't look a guy who wants to retire anytime soon. I mean Eric Decosta said it best "He has an Iphone"..LOL

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    I like it. Because of the Raven's preparation, diligence, and what they were able to manage and overcome last year, I don't think you can say they're coming from any where but a position of confidence. The Ravens front office is too prudent to be cocky.
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    Re: I dare you to say the Ravens will not make the playoffs.

    The offense this year under Caldwell is going to be something special. Expect big things from that side of the ball.
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    Re: I dare you to say the Ravens will not make the playoffs.

    Everyone knows I'm not a homer and call it as I see it but I have Ravens down for their
    6th straight PO, more than any other team.

    In fact, we have a good shot at the Division again and that automatically puts us in but even if we don't win the div, we should get the wild card with another 10 or 11 win season and make a strong SB run. The only thing that pisses me off is when the Ravens always lose 2 or 3 games they should win like vs the Skins and Piss last year and Seattle and Jags the year before that always costs us the home field advantage in the AFC Championship games. NE wins those games and we always have to go up there or to Piss.

    I hope we win those games this year and get the home field advantage where the Ravens
    are the toughest team to win at home.

    HARBs has peaked the team at the right time the last 5 years always getting in and going to the AFC Championship game last couple of years, always just missing the SB by a couple of minutes before finally getting in this year and winning it all.

    I'm not saying we'll get in SB again but the pieces are there for another strong run.

    After gutting the D Ozzie did a great job replacing the departed ones and added a strong pass rusher in Elvis plus Canty to take the heat off Ngata not to mention Spears as a backup for instant relief.

    There are only 2 or 3 needs in this draft. With 12 picks plus the possibility of adding more by trading down Ozzie will add more depth and more than any other team.

    Not only that but we won the SB w/o Webb playing at all and Jimmy should be able to start every game and we still have Corey Graham after letting Carey Williams flee.

    Just more depth to the Super Bowl Champs.

    I can't wait.
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    Re: I dare you to say the Ravens will not make the playoffs.

    When we won our first Super Bowl, the offense was not as major a part as it is today. In fact, Dilfer was let go, and Grbac was signed...UGH! Today, we have Flacco with the monkey (Cam) off his back, and he's sporting a shiny Super Bowl ring. Aside from the Boldin trade, this "O" is pretty much intact. AND while we lost a lot of defensive starters, Ozzie has done a solid job of replacing them with younger, less costly players. The Ravens also have 12 draft choices to play with. I cannot see this team missing out on the 2013 playoffs. IMO we're still Super Bowl contenders... Bc

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    Re: I dare you to say the Ravens will not make the playoffs.

    I agree with GOTA and Bc. Our offensive has the potential to be special this year. Torrey and Pitta are going to have great years, they're really good players. Ray Rice and Bernard. I know we'll find another reciever and I think our O will be scary.

    And yes Bc we are Super Bowl contedners. We can beat anybody in the AFC, we've proven it. Manning is great, but I think Flacco is taking over. I'm curious to see how Andrew Luck and Tannehill perform this year. I don't trust Schuab and I don't think the Steelers will be in the dance. Who'll dethrone us in the playoffs?

  10. Re: I dare you to say the Ravens will not make the playoffs.

    The AFCN runs through Baltimore.

    Now and for the foreseeable future.

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    Re: I dare you to say the Ravens will not make the playoffs.

    I do worry about losing the leadership, passion and drive of Ray Lewis. It can't be over stated.
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    Re: I dare you to say the Ravens will not make the playoffs.

    I prefer the Ravens not be the front runner before the season starts. I think this team plays better with a chip on it's shoulder.

    So say the Bengals will win the AFCN in April all you want national media talking heads. Look what happened after the 13-3 2006 season when in 2007 everyone said the Ravens were going to take it all that season.



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