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    Re: Are the Ravens more Popular than we Think?

    Quote Originally Posted by Darksouleyez View Post
    Maybe his Family members? lol
    Haha - reminds me of a FB we had in 2005-2007 named Justin Green, #33 from U of Montana.
    I wear #33 with my name on the back of my jersey. It's to honor Memorial Stadium which stood on 33rd Street.
    Anyways we were at this awesome tailgate at Candlestick Park in San Fran on an Away trip. This nice lookin gal runs up to me all happy and bubbly saying "Oh it's soooooo cool you're wearing my brother Justins jersey!" I said "Uh, sure! Would you like to join us for a beer?" Then I turned to the Roost members and said "Hey everybody, this is our fullback Justin Greens sister" A couple guys said "Who?" and " Never heard of him." It was about that time that Justin's sister saw my name on my #33 jersey and I had to fess up that it really wasn't her bro's jersey i was wearing. Man talk about a total change in facial expression. I really felt bad for her and she quickly left. Bummer.
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    Re: Are the Ravens more Popular than we Think?

    You can find a few Ravens fans around in Jersey if you look in the right places. Go to any Rutgers game and you'll see the ones that followed Ray Rice to the pros and became fans.

    The further you go towards South Jersey, you see the ones that followed Flacco to the pros.

    The oddest place I saw a few Ravens jerseys in Central NJ: the Columbus Farmers Market. Saw a couple of young ladies in there wearing Flacco jerseys one Sunday morning.

    If you go around the streets in Trenton long enough, you'll see many of the young kids in O's hats, though I'm not sure whether they're really fans or the hat is just the fashion.

    Quote Originally Posted by riprulz8 View Post
    Before I got DirecTV when I would go out to my local watering holes, there would always be 6-8 Ravens fans there as well. I guess it just depends where in Central Jersey you are.
    Never seen that many in that specific area at one time. You closer to Bordentown or over near West Windsor and Trenton?

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    Re: Are the Ravens more Popular than we Think?

    i know more bandwagon ravens fans than any other team....started in 08 during flaccos rookie year and it's still rolling....not a bad thing i guess...

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    Re: Are the Ravens more Popular than we Think?

    My friend went to San Diego last fall and said there's a great Ravens bar out there. I think the owner is a Baltimore transplant. Pretty sure they were out there for the Eagles game last year and watched the game at the bar. Apparently tons of Ravens fans show up for game day.

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    Re: Are the Ravens more Popular than we Think?

    Never seen that many in that specific area at one time. You closer to Bordentown or over near West Windsor and Trenton?[/QUOTE]

    We're about a two minute drive from the Hamilton train station. Bill's Olde Tavern, and Killarney's used to have pretty nice showing. I was definitely surprised - lots of Eagles fans, naturally, but also an unbelievable amount of Cowboys and Steelers fans. I've found that to be the case throughout Jersey as the state doesn't really have its own team to latch onto.

    The north is split with the Giants and Jets, whereas the central and south is mostly Eagles. However, I see so many Dallas stars and Pittspuke car tags/jackets/hats/shirts that its ridiculous. In talking to my neighbors who happen to be fans of those squads not a single one has ever been to, nor is from Pitt/Dallas. Their families just jumped on the bandwagon in the 70s.

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    Re: Are the Ravens more Popular than we Think?

    In the last 2- 3 years there have been so many more people following the Ravens than ever here in So. DE. Shirts, stickers, jerseys- everything. Years of frustration of being drowned out with yellow/black have been nearly purged from my system. Yeah, we're not that far from Baltimore, and there are alot of Baltimore transplants. But when I moved here in 2000 there weren't that many, and a ton of Pitt fans. I remember watching the Pitt-Ravens playoff game in '02 at a bar with some friends and we were far outnumbered. Not anymore. They are enjoying a succesful spike in popularity here and elsewhere; let's hope it takes hold.
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    Re: Are the Ravens more Popular than we Think?

    There is pretty good support for the Ravens in the Washington, DC Metro area. There are at least two Ravens bars here. The Mason Inn in the Glover Park section of DC which has been one for a couple of years. The other one is host to the Baltimore Ravens Fan Group-Virginia/DC Metro Chapter Meetup Group at Rock Bottom Brewery at Ballston Commons Mall in Arlington, Virginia. The group which I watch games with is two years old, the first year we watched games at various establishments in DC/VA, This year we started out at another bar in Arlington, before the manager of Rock Bottom offered a better deals featuring the back bar with our own dedicated bartender and a special menu which includes Crab Pretzels and Natty Bohs. We had a Super Bowl championship Happy Hour in late February and this season there may be some tailgates in the stadium parking lot for those fans going to the game.

    There is a DC radio station that is part of the Ravens radio network, WFED which is not really needed because you can pick up 98Rock in most of the metro area. There was a Ravens Nest in Bowie, MD that was a Roost, but switched to the Chamber in 2001 before folding about 4 years ago. I still tailgate with some former members in the same spot where the Nest used to tailgate in Lot H when I go to some of the games.

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    Re: Are the Ravens more Popular than we Think?

    More popular than who thinks? The Ravens are a popular franchise and that the people who claim they aren't are living in the past. Being arguably the most successful franchise in the NFL over a five year span will do that. Are they as popular as say, the Patriots, Steelers, Cowboys, or 49er's? No, but definitely getting there. What's the common thing between those four franchises? Sustained success over a period of time either presently or in the past.

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    Re: Are the Ravens more Popular than we Think?

    Quote Originally Posted by Nightman View Post
    There is pretty good support for the Ravens in the Washington, DC Metro area.

    I see tons of folks walking around in Ravens gear downtown. That's great to hear about RB - are you guys going to do it again next year?

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    Re: Are the Ravens more Popular than we Think?

    I've been on holiday in Orlando for over a week now and been to Universal studios quite a bit as well. I've seen Ravens jerseys everywhere, and seen quite a few Flacco jerseys, I was quite shocked my self because I've always thought the Ravens were the most under appreciated good team in the NFL (which even now still has a lot of truth to it) but I think the team will likely continue to become more globally renowned, especially if Flacco continues to play at an elite level.

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    Re: Are the Ravens more Popular than we Think?

    It's not very noticeable, since Alabama only cheers for college teams, but there's been an uptick in people who know about the Ravens. My family all cheer for them, mostly because I threatened 'em, but they do cheer.
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    Re: Are the Ravens more Popular than we Think?

    I know a lot of people say that we'll never be a very popular team because we're landlocked around other franchises, but I think that there's something to be said about being a "football region." With the Eagles, Redskins, and Steelers, securing our borders, you really can't go anywhere without hearing about football, and all of the smacktalk from our neighbors riles us up, and makes us care about the game even more. It's the same thing with college basketball in North Carolina. It's not an essentially populated area, but it's home to many top D1 basketball programs, and arguably two of the most prolific teams in the country (UNC and Duke).

    Another thing I wanted to point out is that we were ranked in Forbes as the 11th most valuable franchise in the NFL, and this was before this season even started. I'd imagine that a 2nd ring would only make this go up. I thought that the most interesting ranking was the Texans at #5, doesn't surprise me too much, as Houston is a top 5 market, football is everything in Texas, and sports are very underrepresented in Texas for its size and population.

    Honestly, I'm torn on the issue of popularity. With the salary cap, there's little reason to need a ton of money to compete, but I know that ownership needs money to keep the lights on. I hate seeing other people wearing jerseys of our rivals, but in a sense, I like the feeling of pride and arrogance that I feel for rooting for an underdog team that Charm City has all to itself that embarrasses the bigger market teams on the field. I guess that we'll have to get used to bandwagoners.


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