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    Re: Irsay Still Sucks!

    I helped the cop persude them to take it down. So did others. But I did not take part in its destruction.

    WORLD CHAMPIONS 2000 * 2012

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    Re: Irsay Still Sucks!

    Quote Originally Posted by GOTA View Post
    It makes me appreciate the great ownership the Ravens have had even more.
    Quote Originally Posted by camdenyard View Post
    Irsays stole 12 years of football from me. I am supposed to just forget about that? Screw him. Jimmy could have done the right thing but put a $25 million price tag on our heritage. Screw him too.

    Although I don't have the intense dislike from them that I once did, seeing them lose is always a treat. Beating them in the playoffs was very sweet.
    Baltimore has been blessed to have 2 of the greatest football organizations in the history of the NFL...and yes, I am calling the Ravens a great for maybe the 1920-30 era Bears and Packers, when there were 6 teams in the organization has had the success of the Ravens in their first 1-and-a-half decades of existence...and it is all the more remarkable in the salary cap era.

    The Baltimore Colts (pre-Irsay) were great...the Baltimore Ravens are great....what a wild and interesting journey it has been.

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    Re: Irsay Still Sucks!

    Quote Originally Posted by camdenyard View Post
    I wouldn't expect "young" fans to care about the old Colts. They didn't live through it. Much like I wouldn't expect a 15-year old Browns fan to dislike the Ravens any more than another division opponent.

    But I was an adult on March 28, 1984. I remember what that felt like. And I also lived through not having football for 12 years.

    "Holding a grudge ain't healthy"? What does that mean really? Do you think we Colt fans from back then have been stewing and stressing for 30 years? Because I don't. But when the Irsays play I always hope they lose (unless them winning helps the Ravens). I still don't like the Irsays. Never will. How is any of this unhealthy?
    I turned 16 on March 28th, 1984. I'll hate that bastard until the day I die...and probably longer than that.

    As far as I'm concerned, it's healthy.

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    Re: Irsay Still Sucks!

    Quote Originally Posted by AirFlacco View Post
    I'm not one of the old timers who wants the name and colors back now instead of the RAvens. They have made their own history and in grand fashion and are currently the top organization in pro sports.
    At this point, yes: it's too late to switch "back" to the Colts in Baltimore.

    But they shouldn't be in Indianapolis, either.

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    Re: Irsay Still Sucks!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenswintitle View Post
    Damn Has, I think I'll go file for divorce so I can have an ex-wife and experience the same thing ;) Good stuff
    It was a lot to go through, but it is pretty small shit when you look around the world and realized what real problems are like. It would suck to be a North Korean, as just one example. If I ever complain about my "problems" I should be socked in the nose. And it's true that time heals wounds anyway. No scars.

    Quote Originally Posted by mmi16 View Post
    In a divorce you have the Ex and you have the kids.

    Irsay is the Ex - good riddence, glad the old drunk died.

    The players and their accomplishments were Baltimore's kids. You never give up on your kids and you never stop missing the kids when they have been abducted by the Ex..
    The other comparison we could make here -- a comparison to my situation -- is that I got the house. I would say that Colts fans losing the team name is like losing the house in the deal. And like living in a shitty apartment for 13 years. C

    levelanders got the house. And the league, to boot, gave them a big fat check to fix up their house.

    (But, despite the long wait, we ended up in a great relationship with the Ravens. Browns fans have had a string of really horrid girlfriends)

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    Re: Irsay Still Sucks!

    "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
    ~George Santayana ~ Reason in Common Sense, The Life of Reason, Vol.1


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    Re: Irsay Still Sucks!

    Quote Originally Posted by bacchys View Post
    I turned 16 on March 28th, 1984. I'll hate that bastard until the day I die...and probably longer than that.

    As far as I'm concerned, it's healthy.
    Same here! Happy 45th to both of us, yesterday.

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    Re: Irsay Still Sucks!

    Quote Originally Posted by AirFlacco View Post
    Thanks, man. I have netflix and will check it out. When I was in Nest 1 all the fan clubs got emails from Levinson's agent. Barry wanted to meet with some old Colts fans to recall their memories of the old Colts. He wanted to use them for a new film project. I thank that was it but we never heard from the agent again. Did anyone out there ever meet with him?
    I wasn't, but Pat Blum who was in the same Ravens Nest in Bowie with me and later joined Nest 10 is in the film project which was called "And the Band Played On" that played on ESPN. She was with other Colts fans talking about their memories of the team in Baltimore.

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    Re: Irsay Still Sucks!

    WoW, thanks Nightman. How you doing? Does your Nest still meet at the Flamingo's in OC during Rave weekend. You used to come up and hang with us at the Seabony?

    I was in the hospital when that happened with 4 surgeries on my ankle and I couldn't get in touch with Levinson. I'm sure most posters here would agree he could have used some of my stories. I was also supposed to go to SB35 and got pneumonia during that week. My cousin lives in Tampa and got me a job working for Aerosmith. He was on the field at half time next to the stage.

    I miss all the good stuff man. Just think. I missed out working for Levinson and Aerosmith.

    Damn. LOL

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    Re: Irsay Still Sucks!

    When I go see my younger cousins in their Ravens stuff or when I see old pictures or when I go into Gino's, I remember that my team as a child was the Colts and it brings back some of the old feelings.

    The first time I walked into Gino's --before they even started reopening them in Baltimore-- I had worn a Heap jersey. There were little Colts helmets in there. Baltimore Colts helmets. And even though Gino played for Baltimore, there always is a sort of difference, a gap between today's Baltimore football and yesterday's.

    The thing the younger generation --the generation that's only ever known the Ravens-- is that when the older folks talk about missing the Colts, it's not just the team. It's an earlier time. A different time.

    Today's Ravens do and have done alot around the city, but without having been there or knowing that history, the kids who only know the Ravens can't even begin to imagine how much that team meant to Baltimore and how painful it was to see it start to unravel, beginning in 1972 and ending in 1984.

    And while I'm solidly Ravens, solidly purple, there's a kid-sized part of me that will always be Baltimore blue, that will miss those days.

    Baltimore Colts (AAFC): 1947-1950
    Baltimore Colts (NFL): 1953-1984
    Baltimore Stars (USFL): 1985
    Baltimore Colts/Stallions (CFL): 1994-1995
    Baltimore Ravens (NFL): 1996-Present

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    Re: Irsay Still Sucks!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenboy2003 View Post
    Same here! Happy 45th to both of us, yesterday.

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    Re: Irsay Still Sucks!

    I was 26 when the Colts left. I will never forgive the drunken buffoon (that is not ususally the language I use to describe him). I was a die hard, first going with my Dad, then going later with friends. I thank God almost every day for Bisciotti ( even though I am a little mad at him right now for the opening day fiasco).

    I hate Irsay, Tagliabue and Jack Kent Cooke for first taking away, then conspiring to keep Baltimore out of the NFL by rigging the expansion fiasco. My kids missed having a team to root for when they were young. For that I will never forgive those involved.

    I am sure Air knows this, but after Art announced he was moving the team, Tagliabue promised Baltimore an expansion team, if they just keeped the Browns in Cleveland and waited a year. John Moag and William Donald Shaffer said no deal, essentially saying, we do not believe you are men of your word.

    Although I loved the Colts, I do not want to go back to Blue, horseshoes or the Colts name. I realize after this many years it is not practical to think that would happen, nor do I want to go back. Before the Ravens, I never owned anything purple in my life. Now half my wardrobe is purple.

    I just want the NFL to recognize the Baltimore Colts as the logical predecessor to the Ravens, and include them in the HAll of Fame as part of Baltimore, not that miserable podunk town in the Midwest.

    God Bless William Donald Shaffer.


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