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    Re: Florio's Mock Draft

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenalytics View Post
    Star Loutleilei dropping out of the top ten? Everyone would trade up to get him in that scenario.
    A lot of mock drafts have him going in the early-to-mid teens. He had some heart issue at the combine, so that could well scare off a lot of teams. No one wants to invest a high draft pick on a guy who might not be medically cleared to play, or have to retire early.

    That being said, whoever takes a chance on that guy in the mid-teens is going to probably hit a home run with that draft pick.

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    Re: Florio's Mock Draft

    This is what happens when you makes shock jocks (TMZish) mainstream media...Florio has always been a joke

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    Re: Florio's Mock Draft

    Quote Originally Posted by wickedsolo View Post
    Florio knows dick about prospects.

    Kyle Long is a guard. Sure, he is tall, but the guy was a starter st LG at Oregon. He also has short arms.

    Not an OT. Pretty much everyone knows that.

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    As I said, I think Florio is taking a piss.

    That said, Long was projected to be the LT at Oregon next year, if he had been granted eligibility for next year. He played guard last year because of injuries. Whoever takes him will hope that he can transition to LT in a year or two.


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