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    KZ's draft reports...are all here...

    The Ravens will now have 12 picks in the NFL Draft after receiving four compensatory picks, one each during the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh rounds. The extra picks can't be traded, but they do give the Ravens the second-most picks in the draft and the ability to move their other picks around should they so choose. I have updated my Ravens mock draft to include these picks below. I doubt the Ravens will make all 12 picks, but here is what their draft could look like if they did. This was before the Dumervil signing but this would not change the picks much...

    Round 1 (Pick No. 32)

    Pick: Arthur Brown, OLB, KSU
    Could Be: Jonathan Cyprien, S, FIU
    Might Be: Kevin Minter, ILB, LSU

    Round 2 (Pick No. 30)

    Pick: D.J. Swearinger, S, South Carolina
    Could Be: Justin Hunter, WR, Tennessee
    Might Be: Jamie Collins, OLB, Southern Miss

    Round 3 (Pick No. 32)

    Pick: Jon Bostic, ILB, Florida
    Could Be: Kiko Alonso, ILB, Oregon
    Might Be: Jordan Mills, OT, Louisiana Tech

    Round 4 (Pick No. 32)

    Pick: Chris Harper, WR, KSU
    Could Be: Tony Jefferson, FS, Oklahoma
    Might Be: Duke Williams, S, Nevada

    Round 4 (Comp Pick)

    Pick: Khaled Holmes, C, USC
    Could Be: Kevin Reddick, ILB, UNC
    Might Be: Ace Sanders, WR, South Carolina

    Round 5 (Pick No. 32)

    Pick: Xavier Nixon, OT, Florida
    Could Be: Devonte Holloman, OLB, South Carolina
    Might Be: Hugh Thorton, G, Illinois

    Round 5 (Comp Pick)

    Pick: Rontez Miles, S, Cal (PA)
    Could Be: David Bass, DE, Missouri Western St

    Round 6 (Pick No. 31)

    Pick: Quanterus Smith, DE, Western Kentucky
    Could Be: Micah Hyde, CB, Iowa

    Round 6 (Pick No. 32)

    Pick: Vince Williams, ILB, FSU
    Could Be: T.J. Barnes, DT, GT

    Round 6 (Comp Pick)

    Pick: Braden Brown, OT/G, BYU
    Could Be: Vernon Kearney, CB, Lane
    Might Be: Matt Stankiewitch, C, Penn State

    Round 7 (Pick No. 32)

    Pick: Courtney Gardner, WR, Sierra College
    Could Be: Marcus Davis, WR, VT

    Round 7 (Comp Pick)

    Pick: Luke Wilson, TE, Rice
    Could Be: Sean Refree, Duke, QB

    During the first round I still have Arthur Brown as the Ravens' pick, but Kevin Minter is another name to keep in mind. Minter is from LSU, is 6 feet tall and weighs 246 pounds. At LSU, he showed great anticipation and blitz abilities, but is not exactly a hitter. A sure-handed tackler, he sometimes lacks the physicality some teams like in the middle. Scouts have compared him with Eagles linebacker DeMeco Ryans. Draft

    One scout didn't like my #MockTwo draft for the Ravens on But, never discouraged, we went on to the War Room version for #MockThree. Here was the tally.

    Note: Draft occurred before free agency and compensatory picks. All grades were assigned as if free agency hadn't occurred yet.

    Round 1 (Pick No. 32, 32nd overall)
    Choice: Damontre Moore, DE, Texas A&M

    Round 2 (Pick No. 32, 62nd overall)
    Choice: Kyle Long, OT, Oregon

    Round 3 (Pick No. 32, 94th overall)
    Choice: Kiko Alonso, ILB, Oregon

    Round 4 (Pick No. 32, 126th overall)
    Choice: Duke Williams, S, Nevada

    Round 5 (Pick No. 32, 158th overall)
    Choice: Ace Sanders, WR, South Carolina

    Round 6 (Pick No. 32, 190th overall)
    Choice: Khaled Holmes, C, Southern California

    Round 7 (Pick No. 32, 222nd overall)
    Choice: Rontez Miles, S, California (Pa.)

    Analysis from Matt Miller (@nfldraftscout)

    Damontre Moore just seems like a Baltimore Ravens' type of pick, and by holding tight at pick No. 32 the team got a potential steal from Round 1. The back-to-back Oregon picks of Kyle Long and Kiko Alonso are two selections I really liked. Long can play guard or tackle and is a potential starter at left guard in this offense. Alonso is an athletic freak who can play inside linebacker in a 34 or 43 set. Duke Williams' coverage skills make him a potential starter at free safety in Round 4 and fills a big need for speed and depth in an aging secondary. Ace Sanders feels like a reach in Round 5, but adding speed to this roster is a need. He probably could have been had a full round later. Picking up depth at center and safety to close out the draft help with the many needs of this aging roster. The money picks in Rounds 1, 2 and 3 really set the tempo for an all-around solid Baltimore draft.

    Grade: B

    It was a solid draft overall, which this scout liked. Onward to #MockFour at, and I am once again in the War Room, so follow along. So far here is what we have done...a few trades:

    Pick Overall Choice Notes
    1.22 22 Keenan Allen, WR from California

    We opted to move up 10 spots to secure our top offensive player available. Keenan Allen is our top receiver in the draft and he can be plugged in right away next to Torrey Smith. The all-around talent could become Joe Flacco's favorite target.

    2.32 62 John Jenkins, DT from Georgia

    We needed to fortify the defensive line, and Jenkins is a solid pick here. He can provide depth, and be an eventual replacement to Terrence Cody, who has underachieved so far in his career.

    4.15 109 T.J. McDonald, S from Southern California

    Targeting both safety positions was one of the main goals entering the draft for the Ravens. That process has begun with the selection of McDonald. The lengthy, versatile safety could ideally play either safety position, but projects as a free safety and can be a starter.

    4.29 123 Jon Bostic, ILB from Florida

    Having Bostic available here is an ideal scenario. With two starting vacancies at inside linebacker on the Ravens, Bostic can come in and be a starter. He's a talented all-around defender who helped lead the Florida Gators defense last season.

    The NFL Draft is now only 33 days away. A new first-round mock draft will be out next week.

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    Re: KZ's draft reports...are all here...

    Addition Of Elvis Dumervil Could Change Ravens' Draft Needs

    By Ken Zalis

    Elvis has entered the building. The Ravens agreed to terms with defensive end/outside linebacker Elvis Dumervil on a five-year contract worth up to $35 million.

    Dumervil will return to being a 3-4 outside linebacker in Baltimore. He enjoyed his career-best season as a 3-4 rush linebacker in Denver, leading the NFL with 17 sacks in 2009. Don "Wink" Martindale, the Ravens' linebackers coach, was on Denver's staff during that season.

    Terrell Suggs and Dumervil together -- this could be fun.

    So how does the Dumervil signing affect the draft? Well, for the Ravens, maybe not that much. There are still needs at safety, inside linebacker, tackle and wide receiver. Maybe with the signings of Chris Canty, Marcus Spears and now Dumervil, the Ravens can cross off defensive linemen or rush ends, such as Damontre Moore or Datone Jones, from their list.

    The Ravens are known for taking the best player available, so nothing will be off the table, but the focus could change a bit now with the loss of Paul Kruger to the Browns nullified. Maybe safety Michael Huff will join the team this week as well. Update For #Mockfour

    The war room moved up in round one to get receiver Keenan Allen from California. We moved out of round three and still got targets T.J. McDonald, a safety out of Southern California University, and Jon Bostic, a linebacker from Florida. Add in Johns Jenkins, a defensive tackle from Georgia late during round two, and so far, so good for this war room.

    Go to or follow #mockfour on Twitter to follow along.


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    Re: KZ's draft reports...are all here...

    Michael Huff Signing Reduces Chance Of Ravens Drafting Safeties

    By Ken Zalis

    Michael Huff is now a safety for the Baltimore Ravens. He agreed to a three-year, $6 million deal March 27, which is solid considering former Raven Ed Reed got $6 million for the 2013 season from the Texans.

    So let's see, Elvis Dumervil and Huff for Paul Kruger and Reed. Hmmm ...

    How do the signings affect the draft?

    Baltimore will still take the best player available at No. 32 during the first round, but they could move up for a left tackle. It's also possible that tackles such as D.J. Fluker and Terron Armstead could fall to the end of the first round and be good targets for the Ravens.

    The options are endless, but with 28 days left until the draft, the picture for Ravens fans may be getting clearer. Get better on defense and tweak the offense by getting faster and younger. Sounds like a solid plan to me.

    It seems more and more likely the Ravens will take a linebacker at No. 32 if they stay there. Arthur Brown and Kevin Minter are still high possibilities.

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