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    Jarvis Jones

    Did anyone see the results on his pro day? It wasn't just his 40 time, he had an all around bad performance in other drills too. I think now there is actually a legit shot he could fall all the way to 32 on draft day. If he is there, would you pick him? He would perfectly fill the nickel rusher void left by Kruger, and Upshaw would assume running down plays. He could later develop into an elite pass rusher like Sizzle did who as we all know, also had a really poor combine. When I watch Jones, he's just one of those players that makes big plays, and disrupts everything, he is the typical Raven defensive type player that they covet. He isn't the best of edge setters in the world right now, but I think he could develop that in time. In the mean time he could be a pure pass rusher, which is obviously what his main strength is.

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    Re: Jarvis Jones

    It sucks for him, but it's great for the Ravens to see him perform badly at his pro day. If he were there at 32 I'd probably pass out. Hell, I'd trade up 10 spots to get him. I just don't get it--this guy was the best player in the SEC last season. Nobody could block him including projected NFL first-round OL like Dallas Thomas, Cyrus Kouandjio, etc. On tape he just jumps right out with his elite skillset.

    I wouldn't IGNORE the bad drills, it's definitely concerning that he wasn't able to post better measurables. But the drills don't OUTWEIGH the tape. Think about how all the prospects that had suspect college tape but got drafted high because they blew up the Combine and looked so good in shorts. How many of them busted? I can think of a dozen first-round busts just over the past few drafts.

    Then think about how many guys FELL despite elite college tape because of workout concerns... that's a lot better list. Suggs obviously had a disastrous Pro Day where he ran a 4.9 and looked fat and out of shape. Yeah, he went onto be one of the top 5 Ravens defenders OF ALL TIME and is still going strong right now. I just see Terrell Suggs here and this would be such a Ravens pick.

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    Re: Jarvis Jones

    Pat Kirwin said the exact same thing. He mentioned Suggs and how the Ravens ended up with the Defensive Player of the Year because they trusted what they saw on tape. He also said that Ozzie would be waiting again if Jones every fell that far but he doubts it will happen. Kirwin still thinks that Jones will go in the top half of the 1st round.


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