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    RVing to New Orleans to tailgate

    Hi everyone,
    I am a newbie to this site but have been loving my Ravens since before 1996 when the idea of them was only a dream....

    My family of 12 are attempting to RV to New Orleans to tailgate, as we cannot afford tix to the show...oh my gosh that's just crazy money.

    I am a little perplexed as to figure out how to do this...we've done enough tailgating close to home but not this type of traveling. I was wondering if any other seasoned travelers have any tips/pointers for acquiring a location and I have many questions such as being able to use our geni to watch our TV...I can't imagine those lots have power hookup and I doubt they would allow generators to be run. Tailgating is the fun of course, but we don't wanna miss a second of the game and we can't even bare the thought of just listening to it on the radio.

    Any tips/guidance/suggestions anyone has would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance
    Deb :-)

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    Re: RVing to New Orleans to tailgate

    I used to live in metro New Orleans and have been visiting many times every year since we moved away. I have driven there& back at least 20 times, maybe 30. The safest route in the winter is I-95, I-85 to the I-285 Atlanta Bypass ( go either way on the loop subject to traffic reports), I-85 again to Montgomery, I-65 to Mobile, and I-10 to New Orleans. The trip takes about 15-17 hours. The alternate, less traffic route would be via I-81 to I-40, then the Knoxville bypass, pick up I-75 to I-24 at Chatanooga, then I-59 all the way to Slidell and greater New Orleans - but watch the road conditions.

    I would highly recommend that you not drive your RV into New Orleans for the game. There's another thread where a member mentioned $400 parking fee. I wouldn't be surprised to see an RV spot going for over $1,000 - and that would be if you can find one. There are very few surface level parking facilities near the Superdome. I used to tailgate with friends - I never recall seeing an RV.

    You should join in on the discussion at!/page4

    "NOLA Ravens Fan" lives the New Orleans and may have some insight as to where you can park within the city limits.
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    Re: RVing to New Orleans to tailgate

    Hi Mista T,
    I'm not sure if my first reply back actually was "sent"...sorry i'm not good at this LOL. if this is a duplicate, please forgive me.

    I wanted to thank you soooo much for responding to my post...I worried that no one would reply.

    I have secured/rented a tailgating "site" a.k.a. RV spot on the Canal street lot...3 nite minimum $600 OUCH! but waaaay cheaper than SB tix. Royal Parks says they been handling the tailgating lot rentals for 25 yrs.

    My hubby and I hoping we come home with wonderful memories to last a lifetime but obviously concerned as we've never tailgated at a SB before and never traveled to LA before.

    I will try to post a comment on the link you provided (thanks bunches) and hopefully some others will reply with some helpful tips and info.

    Again, thanks so much for your kind reply.

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    Re: RVing to New Orleans to tailgate

    Mista T,

    just wanted to share the youtube link of my son receiving Super Bowl Tickets from Steve Bisciotti. everyone thought we were nuts to drive to NOLA in an RV with 13 people and we didn't have tickets. We had THE TIME OF OUR LIVES! NOLA showed us so much love we thought we were in Baltimore. Our group was so loud and proud, so many NOLA locals stopped us to take pictures with us, cheered us on, chanted our songs with us. I have video of us taking over a bus...IT WAS AMAZING! Everyone on the bus sang and chanted WHAT TIME IS IT and Oh-Oh-Oh--even a very special 49ers fan who was soooo very nice and couple other opposing team fans...the bus driver was waaaay cool. We even met "Maria"--a sweet older woman who came back to the back of the bus with our gang to sing and cheer with us---there just isn't enough words to properly describe our experience. My 10 yr son, Derrick, has never been to a game and so his first game he attends is THE SUPER BOWL AND THE RAVENS WIN! He and my hubby enjoyed the game while the other 11 in our group watched the game at The Crazy Lobster. we cannot wait to go back to NOLA! It truly is a wonderful city--simply amazing!

    Deb :-)


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