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    #6 in NFL Power Rankings

    I just founded out that we are ranked #6 in CBS's Power Rankings. Why did Pete Prisco ranked the Steelers ahead of us? C'mon

    Here's the link:

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    Re: #6 in NFL Power Rankings

    Yeah, I have a big problem listing the Steelers at #5 and especially the Cowgirls at #4!!

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    Re: #6 in NFL Power Rankings

    I saw that, I guess the fact that the Steelers have an abismal record when Ben throws more than 25 times a game. Why can't people see that it was the running game that carried him? Now that they can't run with power on 3rd down they are just an average team.

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    Re: #6 in NFL Power Rankings

    Those rankings were trash. Pete Prisco says some nice things once in a while, but c'mon, Cowboys at #4 with wonderboy Romo? xD

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    Re: #6 in NFL Power Rankings

    I don't get how of all of the four elite AFC teams, we're the ones who keep getting put in last on the rankings. In these rankings we even got two other average teams shoved infront of us! It's mind boggling considering that besides the Patriots, we've made the most improvements of any of the elite teams!

    And of all teams...the Steelers? That's just retarded! They're more of a middle of the pack team. If you want to put someone in there ahead of us, atleast make it the Broncos or Saints, or somebody who's atleast pretty close!

    Also what is he thinking on the Bears? I can't believe they would drop that far too 10 over a few bad preseason games for Grossman. He's the same QB as last year who took the team to the superbowl. If he was good enough for them to get 15 wins last year, he should be good enough this year to atleast get his team to perform close to that. Personally, if Berrian can stay healthy, I think Rex'll actually have a better season this year.

    Anyways it's no wonder he gets so much hate mail. He's an idiot haha.

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    Re: #6 in NFL Power Rankings

    Hey guys, I'm a long time lurker and a first time poster just wanting to chime in on Prisco's picks.

    First of all, I do not understand the lovefest with Tony Romo. Of his 19 TDs last year, NINE came against the Skins, Cards and Bucs and he showed a disturbing trend of becoming a less proficient passer as the season wore on (6 TDs and 8 INTs in his last 5 games). I think Dallas should be ranked no higher than 12th and certainly behind the Eagles in the NFC East.

    The Steelers coming in at #5 just doesn't make sense to me either. If Prisco puts the Colts at #1 for winning the Superbowl, DESPITE the abundance of off-season losses, then it seems only fair to show the same respect for the Ravens and rank them ahead of the Steelers.

    The Bears also seem to be getting a raw deal from Pete. I cannot remember the last time a conference champion was ranked this low to start a season.

    Finally, getting back to the Colts, Prisco lost all credibility with me when he said they were "actually better" than they were last year. HA! They lost Tarik Glenn to retirement, Cato June fled to the Bucs, Nick Harper went to rival Tennessee and Dominic Rhodes' departure leaves Joseph Addai to carry the load as the primary back. This means Peyton's blind side is weaker, the defense will be less stout in coverage AND stopping the run, and the running game will hinge on Addai's ability to adapt to being the number one back.

    Whew! Anyway, I can't wait for Monday night! GO RAVENS!

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    Re: #6 in NFL Power Rankings

    two things ... 1) either Prisco is on crack... or 2) he is writing to get a rise out of everyone.

    His rankings make no sense he has ceased to be an NFL 'expert' in my book. King is close as well with his love affair for the Patriots...
    Rise and rise again until lambs become lions.

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    Re: #6 in NFL Power Rankings

    Sorry, I submitted before i was finished.

    I was already ticked that he picked the Steelers to win the division, but he puts us below the Cowboys as well? Thats just ridiculous. Steelers are going to have an extremely tough time adjusting to the new coach and coming to grips with the fact that Baby Ben can't win games for them. They are a Willie Parker injury away from a top 10 pick next year. Not to mention the fact that it remains to be seen how well the defense will play with Tomlin and LeBeau on the coaching staff. I can see potential issues arising if things don't go well since they have vastly different defensive philosophies.

    Chargers should be lower just for the sheer fact that Turner is the head coach. Well, that and the fact that Phillips has moved on to Dallas. Too much coaching turnover for me to have them ranked above us, let alone New England. The Bears are a little low and should at least be above the Broncos and the Cowboys (once they are dropped to where they should be).

    Forget it... Prisco is on crack...
    Rise and rise again until lambs become lions.

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    Re: #6 in NFL Power Rankings

    Welcome Ngata! Excellent first post.

    #5 Stillerz:
    New coach Mike Tomlin inherits a good football team with a quarterback who will be even better than he's been in the past. That's a good situation for a first-year coach.
    Geez, I didn't realize Tomlin was that much better a coach than the Chin. Was the Chin dragging them down that badly?

    What an idiot.

    His definitions and arguments were so clear in his own mind that he was unable to understand how any reasonable person could honestly differ with him.

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    Re: #6 in NFL Power Rankings

    Just another thing to fire up the team with the "Us against the World" mentality.

    "Water Sucks, Gatorade is better

    Gaaatooraaadee, Gaaatooraaade

    Water Sucks, it reallyreally sucks"
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    • I know... The family resemblance is uncanny.

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    Re: #6 in NFL Power Rankings

    There's a good reason why we're behind the Patriots and the Colts in most ratings -- they won playoff games last year and we didn't -- it still sticks in my craw!

    Can't believe that the last QB to win us a playoff game was Grbac . . . its been a while

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    Re: #6 in NFL Power Rankings

    How is it that Roethlisberger "will be even better than he's been in the past"? Based on what?


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