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    Re: Media Day - Observations

    It was great to get to listen to a lot of the players. Oher was great, Flacco was awesome and of course Ray.

    Randy Moss on the other hand... what a clown. OK he thinks he's the greatest to ever play, he's not happy with his role, he wants to play forever and nothing positive came out of his mouth about the team. He really needs Chad Steele ;)
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    It was cool seeing Webb walk around in his Jersey with some of the secondary players. Miss that guy.
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    Re: Media Day - Observations

    Wow, really sounds like a pro-ravens crowd there! Thanks for the reports!

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    Re: Media Day - Observations

    Quote Originally Posted by alienrace View Post
    Wow, really sounds like a pro-ravens crowd there! Thanks for the reports!
    Pretty much is......8/10 Saints fans are for the Ravens, although most of them would take anything after Atlanta.
    But I have been saying this for awhile, New Orleans is much closer to Baltimore culturally than it is to San Francisco.
    Now the last time I was in Baltimore for for the Super Bowl parade.....LOL.
    Way Down South in New Orleans


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