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    Re: RGIII Knee Injury

    The Ravens are probably DC's worse enemy right now...
    Because we damaged him...
    But he wouldve been heeled up by now if they would have just let Cousins take over-
    or called it a loss for the season and just focused on next year!

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    Re: RGIII Knee Injury

    WTF was up with that field? All those bucks and Danny Boy can't do better than that?

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    Re: RGIII Knee Injury

    hopefully this will teach DC to be more of a TEAM-
    Not relying on one person to save them.

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    Re: RGIII Knee Injury

    His inability to run the way that he normally does, only means that he has to throw from the pocket like a normal QB. Bad knee and all, he helped them get a 14-0 lead. Their offense looked unstoppable. You ride with what got you there. Washington fans didn't want to see Kirk Cousins. They wanted to see RGIII ride this to the end, because he is the reason they got there.

    You don't think that, after they built him up in such a manner, that Washington fans would have shown disappointment in his decision to not play the game or come out? Shanahan would have caught it one way or another.
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