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    Re: Sunday Night - 49ers at Patriots

    Quote Originally Posted by PurpleApocalypse37 View Post
    Tom Brady during his "3 super bowl wins" was the biggest game-manager in NFL history.
    Lol. So I guess it was Bledsoe leading the Patriots down the field for the winning score. Whatever man.

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    Re: Sunday Night - 49ers at Patriots

    Quote Originally Posted by RavenMan View Post
    And how is it Joe's fault about who he plays against the defense? What about the lack of talent he had on his offense vs what Brady had? Or the coaching which is honestly better than what Joe has had. Is Joe better now than Tom, no but he is no where near as bad as some of you make him out to be or actually want him to be just so you can come and say so.
    Who said anything about Joe's fault? I wasn't the one comparing (and lying about) a miniscule sample size of QB ratings between two guys who were playing entirely different oppositions to try to make one of them look better than he is. If you want a more relevant comparison of two individuals then you should compare them against the same opponents, and even that isn't all that meaningful but at least there would be some kind of control group used.

    You have no idea how bad/good I make Flacco out to be. I think you are imagining things.

    You are one of many around here who think that when someone questions Flacco's talent in any way, praises any other QB in any way, or suggests that possibly Flacco isn't assuredly destined for greatness that somehow that person thinks he sucks and is claiming he sucks.

    Excuses offered when defending Joe leave the question of his greatness unanswered at best. When you say, Joe can't look as good as Brady because he doesn't have the receivers/coaches/O-line (insert excuse), that does not mean he would look as good as Brady if he had all that stuff. But people constantly argue as if this were the case.

    I absolutely could get on board with the idea that there is no way in hell Joe could put up elite numbers running our "safe" offense with our players. But to leap to the conclusion that this means he would put up the performances of these other guys given the same environment is a fallacy. It isn't impossible that he could look worse than he does now if he were asked to do what those guys are asked to do in terms of reading defenses, taking risks, and always being asked to outscore the other guy. No one can be sure of anything. All we can do is make subjective judgments based on what we do see.

    And in that regard, there are many around here who are veiwing the performances through a prism of preconceived bias. And from where I sit, those biased in defense of Joe far outnumber those biased against Joe, though some of the former have been mugged by reality a bit lately and are not quite as egregious. I have no doubt you disagree and think there are more of the latter. But we will have to agree to disagree as to the ratio. That you think I am making Joe out to be bad when I have said nothing to indicate that makes me conclude that you are being defensive. But again, that is only my perception.
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    Re: Sunday Night - 49ers at Patriots

    Quote Originally Posted by TTRaven View Post
    It works both ways. Flacco is not nearly as good as some make him out/ want him to be.

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    Actually you are right, there are some who think he deos no wrong and they are as blind as the haters who think he does no right, I am not one of them but I have seen some things that make me think he can and will be, only time will tell. I think the coaching has hurt him the last two years and the system is bad, it will take some time to work it out and he may still play some clunkers this year and beginning of next but if they get a good system, can repair the O line to at least competent and Joe still plays bad most of the time then and only then will I agree that he is average or worse and I will, if the organization does that and byt he end of next year he is still like this then yep, time to let go and move on.

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    Re: Sunday Night - 49ers at Patriots

    Quote Originally Posted by Terpsfan82 View Post
    Lol. So I guess it was Bledsoe leading the Patriots down the field for the winning score. Whatever man.
    Oh wow. Score tied, gets the ball back with 2 minutes, only needing to go 30-40 yards for a long field goal to win. You realize failing to win when you get an opportunity like that is choking, right?

    Brady has never had a game-winning touchdown drive in the playoffs in his career. His two chances? Failed miserably. Barely made it to midfield in the AFCCG against the colts before throwing a terrible interception.


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