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    Re: Game Thread -- Broncos @ Ravens

    Manning about to make us pay. That's why he is elite.

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    Re: Game Thread -- Broncos @ Ravens

    That's why it's interesting to see these next three-four games. See how much is really down to Joe himself.

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    Re: Game Thread -- Broncos @ Ravens

    Kruger being held by #74

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    Re: Game Thread -- Broncos @ Ravens

    Peyton is off this game. So far, anyway.
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    Re: Game Thread -- Broncos @ Ravens

    qb sneak is the right call. it works for us every single time. thats just poor execution. bone head play by joe

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    Re: Game Thread -- Broncos @ Ravens

    Bad play by Manning. He had an open TD throw to the left as well

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    Re: Game Thread -- Broncos @ Ravens

    cody one on one an couldnt collaspe the pocket??????? he is a fuckin bum

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    Re: Game Thread -- Broncos @ Ravens

    Quote Originally Posted by bmorecareful View Post
    I'm sure I would be called a big time Flacco defender by a lot of people but THAT, right there, was Boller-esque.

    Nobody's fault but Joe's. Awful, awful, awful lack of football skills right there.
    Seems every game he has at least one Boller moment.

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    Re: Game Thread -- Broncos @ Ravens

    Is John really throwing the flag on that?

    Holy cow, he is absolutely awful with these challenges.

    Thankfully, John was saved by the refs.
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    Re: Game Thread -- Broncos @ Ravens

    Would have lost that challenge.

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    Re: Game Thread -- Broncos @ Ravens

    Do people in the stadium think that wasn't a catch?

    And moreover, did Harbaugh throw the challenge flag on that (albeit too late?) If so, he's an idiot.

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    Re: Game Thread -- Broncos @ Ravens

    So, idiotic Flacco moment and idiotic Harb moment is now done with... that should be all now, I hope.


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