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    Tejada/Roberts/Gibbons = steroids

    Link from the Sun, LA Times article...
    Former O's reliever Jason Grimsley named Tejada, Roberts, Gibbon, Segui as well as Roger Clemens & Andy Pettite as using steroids...

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    Re: Tejada/Roberts/Gibbons = steroids

    Yup, things can't get much worse for this team.

    This is also the second time Tejada's name has been mentioned (from 2 separate players).

    They all will deny it just like Raffy, so the truth may never really come out.

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    Re: Tejada/Roberts/Gibbons = steroids

    All I can say is we must be using the wrong kind. :grbac:

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    Re: Tejada/Roberts/Gibbons = steroids

    You mean the brady anderson 1 year wonder kind?

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    Re: Tejada/Roberts/Gibbons = steroids

    Looking at Gibbons, it LOOKS like he used them but he sure doesn't produce like a guy on steroids. As for Roberts, well, it's pretty obvious to anyone that watched the Orioles he had a pretty funny year last year. And Tejada, second time his name has come up, as someone mentioned, from two different players. Hate to say it but it's hard to defend them.
    ''You'd love to go on the first day but I'm glad for the situation I'm in,'' he said. ''Baltimore knows how to play defense.''

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    Re: Tejada/Roberts/Gibbons = steroids

    The fed working on this case has already said that the L.A. Times article had "significant innaccuracies," specifically relating to the names mentioned. I don't buy this story, especially pertaining to Gibbons and Roberts.

  7. Re: Tejada/Roberts/Gibbons = steroids

    Tejada is one of the most durable players in the game, which isn't typical of 'roiders.

    Gibbons has been a weightlifter for years, so while he looks the part you'd need to have some actual evidence against him.

    Roberts? Roberts started hitting like '05 after the All-Star break this year, returning to form after recovering from having his elbow blown out.

    Grimsley has since denied that he named these players, or the former Y******.


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