Loved Filmstudy's article (front page link)
Tried to comment several times finally gave up...
couple of hung screens and a couple of messages
"Spam Free Wordpress rejected your comment because you did not enter the correct password or it was empty.

It is not like I don't understand and haven't used Captcha many times at other places

One reason I chose to respond to Ken is because I no longer see a thread started in the forums for comments on his articles. (Which in itself is a shame because his articles are consistantly among the best here - if not the best by a mile some weeks) So I tried posting in the graveyard section of the site.

And I see no way to log in from the front page or the articles (and as an aside, whatever happened when the changeover was made, I no longer stay logged in, have to log in every time.... remember me is just a useless check)

So anyway
1- letting you know an area that is not working well, and if you are thinking it is only "people just don't respond much there", suggesting that other factors could also be at work
2- giving a reminder how good Ken's articles are
(Sadly even more so now with the teasers to click elsewhere, and the growing number on very short colum posts, I'm starting to seriously consider changing my link here to the forums and bypassing the front door alltogether)

I'm not giving you this in a spirit of complaining... quantity is not better than quality (except for advertizing revenue hits), and I want to see this site strong.