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Ravens trade for Roquan Smith

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Comes down to trusting EDCís judgement.
Iím sure he has reviewed the scenarios and has plans A B C D and E laid out.
Nobody is ever going to be perfect, but with the absolute train wreck of injuries last year, he pieced together a competitive team. We forget he was the GM of an 8-3 playoff bound team until Lamar went down, and IMO the injury that took us totally out of the playoffs was Bowser in the last game. We win that one and we make the playoffs.

New year, ton of stockpiled draft players contributing, and he is still making moves.

I saw the poll, bunch of people down on him, probably because he is not doing what they want him to be doing.

Iíve learned to hold on and enjoy the ride. We have a brilliant GM, and if he needs a sounding board, Ozzie is still in the house for him.

What do I think about the trade? I wouldnít have given up that much, but accept the judgement of the man who did it, we will see how the longer range plays out.

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