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A Plausible Prediction

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I just hate the fact that Lamar is in essence holding the front office hostage. We are at his mercy and essentially in holding pattern while other teams have gotten dramatically better.

Does he have no sense of team at all? Or is his attitude "pay me what I want and I'll be a team guy, if not, screw you"?

Itís a spoiled brat taking his ball (or in this case his pen) and going home because he wants his way and canít get it.
He is a team player when he is on the team? We saw Mahomes hurt and win a SB. I saw Doug Williams hurt in 1st Q, come back in with a knee brace and a hitch in his giddy-up and set a Super Bowl record for most points scored in a quarter.

Lamar hurt very early in game 12. Missed 5 more games, and doesnít even travel with the TEAM to the playoff game (which was ours to win late in the 4th Q.

Seems to be a great team player when he is top dog, otherwise it is King Lamar and faithful Odie O Colognes.

Dilfer could have probably beaten Cincy in that game, Huntley almost did. Lamar with a knee brace risked his career and his $250M guaranteed contract, so he stayed away.

He has EDC between a rock and a hard place , and we fans are really tired. Hurts signing shows LJ8 has a very inflated prideful view of himself, but I trust EDC as the man for the situation, as much as it is killing our excitement for the draft or anticipation of the preseason.

If Bijan is there, draft him (our new Jamal Lewis), trade Gus, cap relief, sign Flacco, and trade Lamar for 2firsts and a Costco pizza, Harbs is a master at building teams and sure looks like we have a square peg for a round hole on our team (no matter how good an Earl Thomas looked or Bernard Pollard hit)
Heard Brady took less to sign players, do not want a team with one king and a lot of pawns. So tired of someone totally beating a high school rivalís contract to prove he is better.
Win a stinking SB! Wou had a chance last year with Calais. He is gone now. But he gave it everything he could last year to make it happen.
So tired of coming here and most threads are all about nothing changes about Mr total guarantee stench.

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