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Bills fan here....

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Spys don't work. I slightly favor the Bills but not because a spy is going to shut Lamar down. Lamar loves passing towards middle and a guy spying him just means one less guy covering the middle receivers. I agree if the game is lost it'll likely be because the secondary can't stay with the Bills receivers.

Steven A Smith Doesn't

The Bills beating the Ravens? Stephen A. Smith says it's 'an unequivocal no'

"An unequivocal no," Smith said on ESPN's First Take. "To win the Super Bowl you got to get to the AFC Championship game first. How the hell you going to do that getting through the Baltimore Ravens? I don’t see that happening.”

“It’s all nice, fine and dandy. Here’s the problem, you are going up against a Baltimore Ravens defense that is number two in the entire National Football League. Number six against the pass, number eight against the run," Smith said. "They are a complete, defensive football team.”

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