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Week 13 Vs. Lions

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I wanted to say. I don't care about anything else, I just want to see the Ravens win tomorrow. I don't care about any other piece of drama around the team or NFL. I don't care about what I or anyone else thinks about the coaches or players. I don't care about how well or poor the team has played before and I'm not worried about how they will play next week. I don't care if the refs are trying to job us or help us out.

I just want a Ravens win.

I will be rooting as hard as I can. I will be concentrating as hard as I can. I will maintain a non-attached, non-disinterested focused state in wanting this win. I will be sending out as positive of vibes and energy as I have to the Ravens. I will be wishing every player and coach and staff member on the team the best of luck and inspiration. I will be wearing my lucky black Ravens branded mock turtleneck.

I will do everything I can to will this win into manifest reality. Even if I know it may be silly.

I just want the Ravens to win.

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