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Post-Draft Around the League (non Ravens news)

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I guess the way to look at this is to add the 2 numbers together and see who spends the least on their lines. So which team does not believe in building through the trenches? I haven't done the numbers but it sure looks like the Patriots spend the least while the Bills spend the most. There goes that cliche about building a team to win
For us the spending on the D line has been in terms of draft picks not dollars
Our spending looked really low until I looked closer
some thoughts
1- Suggs plays as a hybrid DE and if we count him as DL, he is our highest paid this year at $6.95mil cap hit (that alone moves us up 10 spots to 21 from 31)
2- of the money they list for us, over half of it is Brandon Williams alone.
3- Every other player, and we probably have a league high of 7 more, is in a rookie contract
4th Urban $765,146
4th Davis $787,021
3rd Kaufusi $814,754
3rd Wormley $689,661
4th Henry $635,848
UDFA Pierce $543,333
UDFA Ricard $467,166
Totals $4,702,929

And while we are trying to see the larger picture, remember we traded Jernigan who would be in the last year of his rookie contract (who would have been about 1.4 million ... now only $376,891 dead money and who knows what happened to his 5th yr option in the trade)

Yes our line is "cheap" but it is not cheap in draft investments, and having found 2 UDFA, is not cheap in time our scouts spent finding these people.

Yes, bears watching, but our D dollars spent is skewed unnaturally downward by other factors ... don't believe anybody who says we are cheap spending on DLine ... maybe dollar wise, but we spend a lot of other ways on it.

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