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Dean Pees talks about the dime

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It's unusual for the Ravens to cut a draft pick, but it's also unusual for them to a) have quality depth at safety, b) have a position as deep as DL is this year, c) have a ton of injuries that will require backfilling the roster, and d) have multiple UFAs like Ricard and Hill who are outperforming said draft pick. Those things might conspire to make Clark an exception to the rule.
Unusual yes, but rare? no
Keenan Reynolds 6th 2016
Robert Snacks Myers 5th 2015
Keith Wenning 6th 2014
Marc Anthony 7th 2013
Maybe Tommy Streeter 6th 2012 actually IR and in the early cut down in 2013

In 2009 was both the 5th Davon Drew and the 6th Cedric Peerman in a draft where we only had 6 picks

So while we are in a streak of an UDFA making the team 13 years in a row, we are also in a streak of cutting a draft pick the last 4 years in a row (and 5 if we count Streeter

We have a slightly skewed perception because we also tend to hold onto draft picks hoping they develop ... Chykie, Asa, Ramone, Jason Phillips, ABrown, Tavares, Justin Harper...
But things have changed a little, the team cuts bait a bit quicker, and doesn't hesitate to release a draft pick ... which probably also helps recruiting/signing UDFA because recent history shows that we will cut a draft pick to keep a UDFA who has earned a spot on the team.

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