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An out of the box trade

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Only encouraging thing is we don't have to retain too much on defense next year.

The big ones will be Mosely and Urban (if he has a huge year).

I think you keep Mosely 100%, but I'd like Urban go if we see something from Wormley/Kaufasi this year.

Other than that we return most of our players. Only position I'd really draft at is ILB in the mid-rounds. First 3 rounds should be nothing but WR, OL and RB.

History says the Ravens build D up the middle
now BWill-Mosley-Weddle/Jefferson
I don't think they keep Urban no matter how big of year he has (and I hope he does) -he is the Art Jones, Pernell McPhee, Paul Kruger of this team

I do agree it is time for high OL again ... Stanley (2016), KO (2012), Oher (2009), Grubbs (Yanda) (2007), Chester (2006), Terry (2005)

Yanda allowed a measure of offensive stability, as did finding Wagner
But while the FO keeps a pipeline of new talent to develop (Urschel, Jensen, Jah) it is no sure thing and a bunch do not work out (Harewood, Robert Myers, Gino, Oneil)

There have been imports that hit (Burke, Willie Anderson) imports that gave a year carry over Bobbie Williams, Vlad Ducasse, Andre Gurdoe, and flops like Mark LeVoir

Nico hurt, IMO he would have started, but the pipeline while still there, isn't that good (DeOndre is the latest Jah)

It is time to spend high on OL again ... from the ones I posted, we were doing it every year (Terry-Chester-Grubbs), then every other year Grubbs to Oher, then 3 years Oher to KO, then 4 years KO to Stanley ... that is too long and those years coincide with the DC who would have thought something like that

Jensen is an UFA in 2018, Yanda has been playing through injuries, and we lose a quality OLman every rookie contract expiration (KO, Wagner, Oher, Grubbs)

What is scary is that Stanley is in his rookie contract and we are squeezed by the cap .... Ravens have spent (core team) on LT and possible a second OL, so we should pay Stanley if possible but need quality in case we can't

Definitely OL and not 4th and 5th like this year .... Need a 1st or 2nd and a 4th or 5th

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