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I was excited about Deonte Thompson

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Justin Harper
Randy Hymes
Clarence Moore
Aaron Mellette
Demetrius Williams...all those guys were hyped at some point in camp.

Then there are guys like Derek Abney who was supposed to be a good kick returner, Devard Darling who never showed anything despite being a look like Tarzan, play like Jane guy. Same with Tommy Streeter. Ron Johnson. Marcus Smith.

I got on a Matt Willis camp bandwagon.
Some of the board went skyrockets over Eron Riley
A number were hoping LaQuan Williams would make it
Wooo Wooo David Reed

Toss Ed Dickson into that group, he was a WR type of TE ... I don't think the scouts have missed with a blocking TE ... Davon Drew had 43 receptions his Sr year at East Carolina, he was supposed to be what we finally got in Pitta.

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It has to be the scouting. The Ravens like to keep scouts for a very long time. They need to look for some new scouts for the WR position. What they've been doing for years just isn't working.
I'm not sure new scouts are the answer. We have really good scouts as shown by the D talent, and the UDFA crew we get in every year, year after year.

I agree what they've been doing for years just wasn't working.
Scouts were trained/taught, what the team wanted. what to look for, and that was the poor result blind spot. Something changed a couple of years ago. DeCosta never specified what, but talked about changing some things ... working harder ... the usual but his implication was things were now(then) little different in the WR scouting - they at least strongly increased one parameter's value and maybe lowered another. I'd guess height was one they lowered chart valuation on (Harper was 6'3", Demetrius was 6'1", Undrafted Hymes was 6'3", Clarence Moore was 6'6", and Aaron Mellett was 6'3", contrast that with Campanaro 5'10", Tim White 5'10", Keenan 5'10" .... I'm not saying that they don't like height, just saying that I suspect it is one parameter they lowered chart value rating for a WR, and increased something, maybe 3 cone drill? They did adjust what they wanted the scouts to look for and how they draft board slotted them)
We haven't seen results but that has been injury ... Campaneggo looked great every time he was healthy and DeCosta was delighted we could trade back in to get him.

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