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2017 Draft Thread -- because we have an unhealthy obsession

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I havent seen a lot people talking about Jamal Adams but he should be in play at 16, no?

Depending how the team stacks its board at safety, Adams could theoretically be their top S available when were on the clock. Theyve said they like the S as well as the CBs so im not sure they prefer one over the other. GOTA im sure has an insightful opinion on him, honestly i know little than he seems to be a good all around safety from scouts. I also read on his combine profile hes a natural leader, I think it would be good to get some youth in the secondary that has that mentality.

Obviously that would make cutting Webb more likely. Theres also the possibility they try to cut his cap and use him as abackup at both CB and S. Personally as bad as Webb was at CB, hes still been better than some of the garbage weve put out there. maybe the team sees it the same way and alright with a tweener.

that cap number though...
Jamal Adams is a top 10 player and maybe top 5. I don't see him as a CB in the NFL. Adams is smart in an Ed Reed kind of way. He just sees everything. It's actually similar to what we saw Weddle do last year only Adams is more physical. I don't even bring him up because I see no possible way for Adams to be close to #16. Fournette has a better chance of falling because of his position than Adams does.

If you want a LSU CB then the kid to look at is Tre'Davious White who could be there where we pick in round 2. White is a really good man to man cover guy who is a little light but one of those Corners who always seems to get a hand in to make the play. He's a great special teams player too. White would definitely be the punt returner and play defense. He could sneak into the bottom of the 1st round but that's the kind of player I'd trade up in round 2 to get.

LSU has an incredible recent history when it comes to secondary players. Only Morris Clayborne busted, like I said he would before that draft. Look at the success;

Patrick Peterson
Tyrann Mathieu
Jalen Mills
Jalen Collins
Eric Reid
Ron Brooks was pretty good for the Bills

That's a good amount of talent for NFL secondaries. Adams is going to be right there with the top guys. White has a shot at it. He could be awesome lining up in the slot and I could see that being a real specialty. White we at least have a chance to get but it would take some huge surprise negative medical condition for Adams to drop to 16
Tbf didn't caliborne really step up this year?

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