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Billy Cundiff appreciation threat

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This is sad. Cundiff did well in 2010, and did a passable job last year despite playing with an injured calf at the end of the year. He also made 11 of 12 FG's in the playoffs. You're seriously bummed; fine, so was I. But I didn't think Ravens' fans treated players this way. As Sam Wyche once said to unruly fans, "You don't live in Cleveland".

Very eye-opening, and very disappointing.
There are some players as fans you can overlook things like these, but after his great year in 2010 Cundiff lost his confidence early and never gained it back, we also payed him a shit ton of money based off his performance only to shank some crucial kicks throughout tye regular and post season. Now Matt Stover did shank some crucial kicks also but for a long time Money Matt was the Ravens offense atleast we know if we got it within 40yrds money Matt..well..was money, we as fans overlooked his shanks because of the body of work and success Stover did on and off the field. Cundiff was a below average kicker before ge got here and was out of football i believe until we called him for a tryout. As a kicker your job is to make kicks, I'm sure in practice coaches simulate all types of scenarios for kickers all the time, now a 30plus yard FG rush or not should he made point blank period. Here it is another year, Ray older, Reed older and the possibilities of anothe SB title slipping away from them. Don't get me started on Evans either.

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