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Ravens Tight Ends

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Where the hell you been? Haven't seen you in a while.

As for our TE's, I think we were hoping to have an ideal 1-2 punch with separate skillsets in Maxx and Gilmore with Boyle being a great 3rd.

Those two not staying healthy makes it hard to really know what we have. To me Maxx should be the athletic pass catcher and Gilmore the blocker who can split out too. Boyle has a damn good skillset and they seem to use him as a blocker too.

Waller is nothing special IMO.
College makes it harder to be here day in and day out. The problem with Maxx is that even without injuries, we weren't seeing much of him. Last year he only started to get more attention because Crockett went down and this year he was fourth on the depth chart before he went down. 2017 is starting to look critical for him.

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