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Ravens Strategy - DRAFT DAY!

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For those who aren't regulars, now is the change of gears for the Ravens if you are not aware of it.
Early it is take obvious BPA, or if it is a group of choices, then trade back and take whoever on that list falls to us collecting extra picks.

We have done that textbook style this year (again) we showed our mastery in 2008 with Falcco draft.

Now we change gears and use the picks/ammo to target specific players
we will be moving up in rounds or into rounds with specific players we want.
This is a function of us having our own scouting department, we have an information base that isn't available to the rest of the league
We find the Art Jones, the Pernell McPhees, the Adalius Thomas .... not that we win every pick, we have our busts, but from this point on in the draft it is specific target time, no longer wait to see who drops to us time, we aren't collecting more picks (except futures)

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