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Arrington Pay Cut

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And the FO has established precedent that they are serious about it when they request a pay cut.
They showed with Webb that they will keep somebody, and with Haloti/Boldin... that they will clear the person out if the pay cut doesn't happen.

I'm not saying it is fun or pleasant, but when a player is approached they know it is deal or be dealt.

It is value to the team, and with the salary cap the Ravens have a system that they developed and work within.
It allows them to pay (overpay?) to retain core/key pieces, then everything else is relative value, highlighted by 80% of the production at 20% of the pay.
Arrington's new number means he is now worth keeping, also means players like Levine are in a scramble for a roster spot again ($200,000 dead $1 million savings)

Excellent post. I think the Ravens know a player's market value pretty well, and if the player in question doesn't have a prohibitive cap figure/dead money ratio and has a base salary that is in excess of his worth, they will ask for a pay cut, but typically for just one year, giving the player a chance to earn his salary for the following year. It's a good strategy.

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