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Fire Pees

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Ok how about this.

I cant stand a coach that throws players under the bus.. That is all Pees can do.

Man up grow a fucking sack and take the blame.


As for the Ray Lewis effect.

It even fired pees up enough to yell and scream at halftime for once.

I guess your the type of guy that settles for just ok. Maybe the one that says well 8th is good enough.

Strive for #1

Wanna know why the Pats are so good???


If not sure. Look above or below.

i guess your the kind of guy that makes it seem like i was trying to say that 8th is ok when in fact what i am saying is that pees is not so terrible that he's going to be fired having turned in an 8th ranked defense with crumbs in the secondary.

and btw striving for #1 starts from the front office on down, not soley the responsibilty of a dc. (you see that? i just made it seem like you said that its 100% the control of the dc in having a #1 defense....funny how that works isnt it)

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