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Well...if Kubes Does Leave...

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I really don't think Cutler is a bad QB. He's better than alot of guys around the league. But it really boils down to. You have 2 elite wr's. A top RB. A pretty damn good TE. There's no way that team shouldn't be easily in a WC. Yeah you have Rodgers in your division so that's hard. But you should be a shoe in fir the 5 seed without any problem.
See, this is what gets on my nerves as a fan, when it comes to QBs. Guys like Andy Dalton and Jay Cutler are given every possible opportunity to succeed. Andy Dalton has AJ Green, Mohammed Sanu, a plethora of TEs (Although Gresham isn't the same, honestly, I don't think he was used properly to begin with, he's not a blocker), one of the best offensive lines in the league over the past few years, AND a quality Offensive Coordinator.

Jay Cutler has been given even more chances than Dalton and just as much surrounding talent, although his offensive line this year has not been all that. He's had good lines in Denver, and Brandon Marshall. Now has Marshall, Jeffrey AND Matt Forte.

They pretty much have to crash and burn three times over before fans and media alike get the hint that they ain't cuttin' it.

Yet, Joe Flacco, whose best WR in any given year is a 35 year old WR at the tail end of his career, has had 1 WR drafted for him in the first three rounds in 7 years, has had a bad OC who did some good things for him during his first and second year, but overstayed his welcome by another two and a half years. A run blocking offensive line that really hasn't given him time except for a short stint in 12' and this season, whose in a position right now where this is arguably is best collection of pass catching talent (A 35 Yr Old WR who drops too many passes, a 2nd Round deep threat who drops way too many passes, a glorified kick returner, 2 UDFAs, a late round slot WR whose barely been on the field and an aging TE made of glass), that he's ever had.

Yet HE, who has already won a Super Bowl, has more playoff victories than all except maybe 3 QBs in the league, has a Super Bowl MVP and a record setting individual postseason run, gets shitted on in a game where he only throws 2 TDs.

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