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Why all the hate...??

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The media has turned the draft into Christmas. So all the good boys and girls run downstairs to see what it waiting for them under the tree and it doesn't always live up to expectations. Every 1st round pick is described as franchise player or someone who will solidify the position for 10 years or even become the face of the franchise. It's complete BS.

Half these 1st round picks will be average at best and out of the league in a short time at worst. Only a handful will become stars. The Ravens won a Super Bowl 2 years ago without even having a 1st round pick. The Seahawks won a Super Bowl with a 3rd round pick QB and 7th round pick won the MVP of that game and by the way also didn't have a 1st round pick. The 2011 Super Bowl Champion Giants had a 1st round pick who was hurt most of the season and played very little in just 7 games. The fact is that you can completely blow it in round 1 and still win a Super Bowl.

No teams year has just been won or lost because of how they drafted last week. Very few of these players will even have a major impact and the ones that do could come from anywhere as we've seen from Alfred Morris, Anquan Boldin, Ben Roethlisberger, Kiko Alonzo etc... No one knows how good any teams draft was no matter what grade they want to give out.

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