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The Case for a Defense-heavy Draft

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D smith is an animal, stopping the run may not be his strong suit but it doesn't help when your dline is constantly getting pushed back and can't get off their blocks. It sucks that Suggs has his contract structured the way he does because I think he's more valuable than ngata at this point. If the roles were reversed I don't think it'd be a question of whether or not to get rid of ngata. D smith had a pro bowl type year and was definitely the MVP of the defense with jimmy as a close second. Monroe pitta smith. Most important signings right there
i would like to get corey graham back though b/c he is solid and we wouldn't have to worry about adding another corner in draft or free agency

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  1. RAYVENRAYG's Avatar
    E.Monroe, D.Smith, D.Pitta, & I agree on wanting to keep Corey Graham. They need to extend T.Suggs because there is no way we want him to go to another AFCN team with an attitude and spend his time trying to kill JOE to prove how wrong we were to let him go. He seems to disappear like NGATA because they are eating up the blockers allowing D. Smith to play sideline to sideline like RAY always did. Additionally other teams would do things to negate his rush like running at him have additional blockers help who he was playing against. Everyone seems to take the notion that he should be destroying everyone he has blocking him and sacking on every play and ignoring or completely forgetting that he is often facing the best oline blockers the other team has, and who are usually excellent players in their own right which can reduce how effective any player facing them can be. We were also rebuilding not only the defense but the trust & chemistry that it runs on. Given the new players versus the ones we lost there was a lot of trust & chemistry to be rebuilt. Our current defense struggled to get off the field just like Ray & Ed's last year and they had reduced turnover production and almost total loss of defensive scoring. But we were in every game all year and lost by more than one score in only 3 games (Denver, Patriots & the Bengals). One offensive score would have won any of our other 5 losses this year. We need to retain as much of this defense as we can affort, fix & improve the OLINE and pick up some addition weapons and replenish our defensive depth. OZZIE has his work cut out for him this year but he has consistantly proven he can do it.
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