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Jim Caldwell to the Lions!!!?????

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The Air Coryell works and has worked for us up until this year when we no longer had the personnel to make sure it worked without a hitch. Joe is the perfect guy for that style of offense. He's not overly mobile, he has a huge arm and up until this season we had the RB horses to make the important play actions worth a damn. Every offensive coordinator is, 'married' to a system. What would you like to see us start running here? A system more tailored to a QB like Brady or Peyton where they throw quick three second passes and have their receivers go for 2304023432 yards a clip? How much better do you think that will fair? The receivers we have right now make their money being faster than the defenders opposite them; it's easy to outrun the DBs with longer developing routes and more difficult when it's a quick slant (see Torrey or Jacoby on the slants they do get; YAC rarely occur there). Joe has also shown that he has a tendency to lock onto a guy; that's not going to help that style of offense either.

Brady and Peyton have made their money spreading that rock like nobody's business and having the almost immeasurable football IQ to do so with precision timing and expediency. I'm not knocking Joe but merely pointing out that his skillset is much different than those two. I mean Hell, if someone smarter than I am (the rest of this board) says they think Joe could run something like that without resorting to the muddle huddle all game I'd be all for bringing in the oft mentioned, 'young, hotshot, hungry OC who's going to take our offensive game to the limits!,'.
The Steelers run the Erhardt-Perkins system just like the Patriots. Do they look anything alike? No. The reason is that the EP system is flexible in its design. Its the route concepts that get receivers open. You run a lot out of it and thus PAP is a very successful result.

The only team that runs the Air Coryell well is the Saints, and that's only b/c Drew Brees is the most accurate deep ball passer in the league. I'm a big Joe Homer, but facts are facts, Joe can't sniff Drew's jock when it comes to deep ball accuracy.

You're right every coordinator is likely married to either the Air Coryell, Erhardt-Perkins, or the West Coast (only NFL team not running one of these schemes is the Eagles which is a true spread). I like the EP scheme b/c of its flexible in its design where you can throw deep out of it. And you won't have DBs able to bracket Torrey deep like they do in the AC, b/c they will have to respect the shorter routes. Ok, we absolutely do need to get better route runners to run the EP, but I contend if we don't get better route runners, period, no scheme will work. Our fast but shitty route runners in the AC didn't work this year.
Do you want a new scheme and to start all over again with new terminology, and having to teach wrs to run option routes all day, or is it better to get Norv or someone else try THEIR version of the air coryell? The latter makes more sense to me.

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