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MNF -- Steelers @ Bengals

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[QUOTE=Uli2001;666113][QUOTE=Navaneeth;666111]I think Haley might be fired mid-season, may be game after Ravens.[/QUOTE]

It's not his fault when his QB constantly misfires with open receivers. Ben R looks done. He has taken way too many hits over the years.[/QUOTE]

Gruden: Polamalu is going to time the snap, jump over the offensive line, and jar loose this football. Watch this.

*Polamalu makes team tackle 7 yards downfield on a throwaway 3rd and 21 run.*

Gruden: watch this effort. Wow. You kidding me? People like to say that the steelers secondary is getting old, and they're crazy. What an effort. What a player.

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