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Left tackle options in 2013.

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There are some interesting options too look at in terms of left tackles in 2013. I'm not talking about Jake Long who will be a FA, he will totally be out of our reach. However there are some other solid options that we could probably afford. This is assuming that Bryant McKinnie is not extended or doesn't stay with us after 2012.

Duane Brown (6'4, 320 lbs):
I really like this guy, he has been an excellent tackle in that crazy ZBS that the Texans run, he has paved the way for Fosters two amazing seasons. He would fit right into our system, and is only 26. The downside is that the Texans will probably try everything in their power to keep him, so we will probably have to offer him quite a big contract. However, the Texans for whatever reason where happy to let Eric Winston walk, who was then signed for only 22 million, which is a steal for one of the best tackles in the game. Obviously Brown is going to ask a lot more than that being a left tackle and not a right tackle.

Ryan Clady (6'7, 315 lbs):
Clady is going to demand a lot of money, however he is someone we should take a look at. He isn't as good as a Joe Thomas or Jake Long, but he is up there being a premium tackle in the league. He is big and athletic, and is only 25. Overall I think this would be an unlikely scenario, Denver are going to offer him big money to keep Manning up right.

Sebastian Vollmer (6'8, 315 lbs):
Someone I was really high on in the 2009 draft. A big athletic German freak of nature, it's kind of mind boggling how he has sat on the bench behind Matt Light. He has played mostly at right tackle for the Patriots whenever he has came on, but is certainly athletic enough to play on the left side, as he did at college. It surprises me how the Patriots haven't extended Vollmer yet, but they are probably going to want to keep him, as Matt Light is likely to retire this year. Vollmer would probably be cheaper than the other two guys I mentioned here too. The down side to this would be taking a risk on a player who has seen limited snaps at only right tackle in the league.

Draft options- Obviously, way too early to project where the prospects will be drafted, so just a rough estimate.

DJ Fluker (6'6, 335 lbs) Alabama:
A huge tackle for Alabama who will most likely be gone in the top 15. Has played mostly at right tackle through out his career, but is moving over to the left side this year, so it will be interesting to see how he copes there. Unless we suck this year, I think it's not very likely that we can draft him.

Chris Faulk (6'6, 325 lbs) LSU:
A left tackle that excells as a run blocker, but struggles as a pass protector. He will probably stick around longer than DJ Fluker. I actually watched him against Courtney Upshaw, and he did struggle against him, but was solid for most of the 2011 season. I think he can play on the left side in the NFL, but I see more of a right tackle whenever I watch him play.

Jake Matthews (6'5, 305 lbs) Texas A&M:
Excels in pass protection, but is slightly under sized and struggles as a run blocker, but he would be worth a late first round/second round pick for sure. He has the athleticism to play on the left side in the NFL, but just needs to bulk up and improve his run blocking. Someone to keep an eye on in 2012.

Oday Aboushi (6'6, 310 lbs) Virginia:
This is my favourite guy here, and is a good pass protector as well as a good run blocker. He has enough athleticism to play on the left side in the league, so I fully expect him to be gone in the first round somewhere, even though some people are projecting him as only a second rounder right now.

In house options-

Michael Oher:
I'm sure most of you guys don't want to see this, hell even I don't want to see it, but I think it's a very good possibility that it happens. Oher wasn't exactly terrible at left tackle in 2010, but he did struggle quite a bit at times. He is much better on the right side and I hope he stays there.

Jah Reid:
Probably really unlikely this ever happens, however Jah Reid has the prototype size for a left tackle. I would really love to see him given the opportunity to play on the left side.

Kelechi Osemele:
I personally don't want to see this happen. Osemele looks like a lock at left guard for years to come, he is a big strong guy, and has the potential to be just as good as Grubbs was for us, perhaps better. I also just don't see Osemele as a left tackle in the NFL.

Extend/re sign Bryant McKinnie:
At the end of the day, this could happen, don't completely rule it out.

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