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Week 1: Ravens v.s. Broncos

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I"m just glad football is almost here. Not going into this game with any expectations other than to see what we've got in this new roster and hope for no injuries.

I did notice that in my Yahoo pickem poll, 88% have selected Denver to win the game so I guess the rest of the world has no confidence in Baltimore. Would love love love to see the Ravens eeek out a win somehow
With questions at CB, game 1 anyway they being untested, I fear Pees will drop DB's back, and not rush, or at least not disguise the pressure, and Manning will have too much time like Cousins, Vick, and Batch did last year.

I don't want to see D cuteness or "genius" play calling; I want the D to pin their ears back and make Manning play under pressure even if Harbaugh has to intervene like the final SB drive last year.

Spears, Canty, Smith, Doom, healthy Suggs; too much horsepower for bend don't break.

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