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  1. Left tackle options in 2013.

    There are some interesting options too look at in terms of left tackles in 2013. I'm not talking about Jake Long who will be a FA, he will totally be out of our reach. However there are some other solid options that we could probably afford. This is assuming that Bryant McKinnie is not extended or doesn't stay with us after 2012.

    Duane Brown (6'4, 320 lbs):
    I really like this guy, he has been an excellent tackle in that crazy ZBS that the Texans run, he has paved the way for ...
  2. Rumours: Ravens offer a third round pick for Osi

    Imagine a front four on passing downs of


    That would be rediculous. Aint gonna happen, but one can dream.
  3. Ravens sign Jacoby Jones

    Quote Originally Posted by mfdoom42 View Post
    I guess I'm in the minority but I love this move. I've been a Jacoby Jones fan for about 3 years now, although I no longer think he will make the jump to stardom I was hoping for after his strong run at the end of 2009. He's still an excellent return man who can be an occasional deep threat in 3-WR sets, plus his athleticism allows for some creativity (i.e. gadget plays) if they decide to go down that road again.
    7million dollar end around
  4. Cerrato confirmed Sizzle has torn achillles

  5. Webb signs extension

    Quote Originally Posted by Benny8444 View Post
    I love this, I assume this would be cheaper than had we waited till next year when he was a UFA and his value may have gone up and he might have wanted to test the market. I believe Joe is next and then Rice.
    your right on that one, hell if Webb played next year exactly the same as this past season he would have gotten a HUGE deal on the FA market. Ravens saved themselves MILLIONS by locking this kid up early. Goodjob Ozzie
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