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  1. Oher back at LT?

    I've never been accused of being particularly bright, so I'm sure I'm missing something, and maybe one of the "Gaither-apologists" can point out the defeciency in my logic. But, the way I see it, to defend Gaither you either have to admit he was "faking", "milking" his injury, which to my mind is indefensible; or admit that he was legimately injured, and the whole argument is moot anyway, because Oher would have been at LT in his spot anyway, and he surely would have ...
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  2. Board Upgrade Complete - Report Broke Stuff Here

    Quote Originally Posted by Admin Steve View Post
    The board is now running the latest vB version.

    Please try to break it and let me know if anything is not working the way it should.

    Thanks to you all for making this the best Ravens board on the planet.
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