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  1. What is the one player/position that concerns you the most on offense and defense

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    Doesn't Von Miller usually line up on the strong side across from the RT? He's going to obliterate Hurst.
    He usually does, but he can honestly line up anywhere. The dude is a monster.
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  2. Starbucks in trouble again

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    Cheech and Chong were funny. I loved the song Earache my eye, especially when the dad comes into his bedroom, scratches his record(yes, vinyl LP days), and spanks him to get him to go to school.
    Song would never fly in these times we live in.
    That's the truth. How about Blazing Saddles? [emoji16]

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    Starbucks totally caves, now you can sit or shit without buying anything at Starbucks. ...
  3. What if Obama had paid off a porn star?

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    I really donít care if Trump screwed around with Stormy Daniels, but the man has five kids by three women and also screws around on the side. I can only imagine what some of you guys would have said about Obama if that was in his background. At least be consistent.

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    I would have done this: I guess he isn't gay after all.
  4. *MNF* Steelers @ Bengals

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    Marvin Lewis is 2-14 at home against Pitt
  5. Week 13 Vs. Lions

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    I wanted to say. I don't care about anything else, I just want to see the Ravens win tomorrow. I don't care about any other piece of drama around the team or NFL. I don't care about what I or anyone else thinks about the coaches or players. I don't care about how well or poor the team has played before and I'm not worried about how they will play next week. I don't care if the refs are trying to job us or help us out.

    I just want a Ravens win.

    I will be rooting as
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