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  1. The comp pick formula/strategy going forward

    Quote Originally Posted by justaloe View Post
    In the 25 year history of the Baltimore Ravens how many of their Comp pics have become great players. I'm talking Lamar Jackson, Joe Flacco great. The answer is none. Ok, how many have become Torrey Smith, Chris McCallister, Jimmy Smith good?
    You're trying to make a point about Comp picks (which begin at the end of the 3rdround, and yet named four 1st round picks and one 2nd round pick as comparison players for the barometer of success.

    Well argued.

    Edwin ...
  2. Bills fan here....

    Quote Originally Posted by s.r.genovese View Post
    Spys don't work. I slightly favor the Bills but not because a spy is going to shut Lamar down. Lamar loves passing towards middle and a guy spying him just means one less guy covering the middle receivers. I agree if the game is lost it'll likely be because the secondary can't stay with the Bills receivers.

    Steven A Smith Doesn't

    The Bills beating the Ravens? Stephen A. Smith says it's 'an unequivocal no'

    "An unequivocal
  3. Joe Biden Failed the Third Grade- Literally

    Quote Originally Posted by pickles View Post
    I've said it once and I'll say it again, anyone who votes for this man should feel a deep sense of shame.
  4. Curious: If You Had to Leave the US...

    [QUOTE=Ortizer;1933918][QUOTE=pickles;1933632]Do you still find my belief puzzling?[/QUOTE]Puzzling? No. I don't think we're that close to the brink. I see where you are coming from though.

    Sent from my LM-G820 using Tapatalk[/QUOTE]

    Not yet.
    It is coming though.
  5. NFL Schedule release tomorrow

    Quote Originally Posted by organizedchaos21 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by JimZipCode View Post
    Fucking Steelers are a Thursday road game?!?

    God DAMN it.
    They've come to Baltimore to play on TNF twice (2013, 2014). This will be the Ravens 2nd trip to Pit for TNF (also 2015). Seems even to me.
    I agree it is 'Even"... Sucks that we have to go there for Thursday night football AGAIN... but they've had to do it as well, so it makes sense. Ready to kick their ass no matter where we are
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