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  1. Curious: If You Had to Leave the US...

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    Do you still find my belief puzzling?
    Puzzling? No. I don't think we're that close to the brink. I see where you are coming from though.

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    Not yet.
    It is coming though.
  2. NFL Schedule release tomorrow

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    Fucking Steelers are a Thursday road game?!?

    God DAMN it.
    They've come to Baltimore to play on TNF twice (2013, 2014). This will be the Ravens 2nd trip to Pit for TNF (also 2015). Seems even to me.
    I agree it is 'Even"... Sucks that we have to go there for Thursday night football AGAIN... but they've had to do it as well, so it makes sense. Ready to kick their ass no matter where we are
  3. 2020 RSR Mock Draft 2.0 - Discussion Thread

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    Laxdad is OTC. Here are the most recent and the 5 ahead:

    Raiders Dcat Kenneth Murray Oklahoma LB via Chicago
  4. Weather

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    Frankly I am more concerned about the field than the weather, at least for the next game. It looked like it got chopped up pretty good on Sunday. That isn't ideal for Lamar's running.
    I guarantee that will be re-sodded by game time
  5. Justice Hill

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    i think he is another kenneth dixon. i wasn't sure why the ravens moved on from dixon and spent the pick on hill.
    I donít see that... No guarantee he makes it, but if he doesnít work out, I donít think it for the same reason as Dixon...

    It is nice having a running back with breakaway speed though. Havenít had that for a long time.
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