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  1. Bowser and Williams Need to be Better

    Quote Originally Posted by GreatWhiteNorthRaven View Post
    Chris Board and Kenny Young need to be better too.
    Thats definitely true.
  2. Game Thread Ravens @ Chiefs 9/22

    Quote Originally Posted by JonAB View Post
    Can't play with the big boys
  3. A Closer Look at G-Ro's Playcalling The Screen Game

    Quote Originally Posted by edromeo View Post
    Greg Roman's screen concepts.

    The set-up bait:

    11 Personnel, 1x3 Gun HB (R) Formation (Trips Right in some verbiage), 1st & 10 (8:57)
    Hollywood is inside receiver closet to the RT
    Hurst is split out in the slot (R), Snead is split out wide and Boykin is the backside Iso Receiver

    Defense starts w/ a 6-man box but builds it to 7 w/ the (L) side Safety flying up.
    Greg creates a great match-up against this Cover 3 look and the closet
  4. Anyone watching the Alliance of American Football league

    Quote Originally Posted by mmi16 View Post
    I'll give it an hour - then I'll switch to 'Dynasties' on BBC America
    I just saw this highlight 😮
  5. Game Thread Browns @ Ravens 12/30 AFCN Title Game

    [QUOTE=Dolph Ramey;1604088]Ravens MVP has had such a bad game Marlon Humphrey is a fffffin chump[/QUOTE]
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