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  1. Ravens trade for Roquan Smith

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    Comes down to trusting EDCís judgement.
    Iím sure he has reviewed the scenarios and has plans A B C D and E laid out.
    Nobody is ever going to be perfect, but with the absolute train wreck of injuries last year, he pieced together a competitive team. We forget he was the GM of an 8-3 playoff bound team until Lamar went down, and IMO the injury that took us totally out of the playoffs was Bowser in the last game. We win that one and we make the playoffs.

    New year, ton
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  2. Blacks let the Greens hear it loudly Fire Greg Roman

    [QUOTE=JonAB;2349686][QUOTE=JimZipCode;2349570][B]2013 Seahawks[/B].

    [B]2014 Seahawks[/B] [I]failed[/I] to win the SB by not giving the ball to Marshawn.

    [B]2015 Broncos[/B] won with Peyton's arm having fallen off and Brock Osweiler sucking. They rode their defense and run game.

    [B]2017 Eagles[/B] won on the back of an all-RPO game plan. They didn't punt at all in the SB! Their leading receiver on the year was TE Zach Ertz: they had no pass-catcher ...
  3. How the Eagles are proving the Ravens need to open their wallets for a star wide receiver

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirt1 View Post
    Agreed, but all of those teams have other viable options in the passing game, and they have much better overall passing schemes. I am saying that I don't understand why it is so critical for the Ravens to have proven depth at some positions, but not at the WR position. I am not asking for Justin Jefferson to be added to the roster, just another WR the caliber of Bateman and Duvernay. If the Ravens hadn't traded Marquise, they wouldn't have needed another WR, but they did trade him, and didn't replace
  4. Jon Gruden

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    Quote Originally Posted by NCRAVEN View Post
    That misses the point. Employing players who's ACTIONS are worse but (basically) firing a guy for what he said, is not change for the better.

    Neither should be employed.

    Also, I'm waiting for the protest to begin for the Superbowl halftime performers since they've all used the same or worse language than Gruden.
    History is replete of instances where some people got off for the same crime that others got convicted for. Does that no one is held accountable?
  5. Regulation and the Black Family / U3

    Modern levels of regulation work for established corporations by creating higher barriers of entry for new business ventures.

    Also, I take offense to the thought that regulation is the savior of black folk. Regulation destroyed the black family, depressed black wages and this should be obvious by your posts, developed a pipeline to prison through the war on drugs.

    Census Bureau data shows that from 1960 and 2013, African ĖAmerican children who lived in single parent ...
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